Andrew Cardwell – Basic RSI Course

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Andrew Cardwell – Basic RSI Course

The Basic RSI Course is a 125 page manual with 13 audio cd’s (11 hours) that goes into greater detail on Range Rules, Divergences, Positive/Negative Reversals, Reward/Risk, Probability, Money Management and Psychology.

Where the RSI EXplained is an introduction, like a piece of cake, The Basic RSI Course is like having the whole cake and the recipe to bake another one.

Course Outline:

A. Basic
I. Definition of Relative Strength Index (RSI)
II. Calculation of RSI and Time Period Selection
  • Short Term
  • Intermediate Term
  • Long Term
III. Parameters of RSI for Trend Analysis
  • Value of RSI
  • Normal Range
  • Bull Range
  • Bear Range
  • Overbought / Oversold
IV. Divergence and “The Signal Count”
  • Momentum Highs/Momentum Lows
  • Bullish
  • Bearish
  • Degree of: Short, Intermediate, Long Term
  • The Signal Count
V. Positive/Negative Reversals
  • Positive Reversal vs Bullish Divergence
  • Negative Reversal vs Bearish Divergence
VI. Basic Trend Analysis Guidelines
  • Uptrends
  • Downtrends
  • Moving Averages
VII. Moving Averages
  • RSI Value
  • Close Price
  • Simple (S), Weighted (W), Exponential (E)
  • Suggested Values for Moving Averages
VIII. Bullish Sentiment
  • Up Trends
  • Down Trends
  • Trend of Sentiment
IX. Time Cycles (Days, Weeks, Months & Years)
  • ******
  • Measurements
  • Coincident Cycles
  • Helpful with 4, 9, 13, 26, for Positive & Negative Reversal Windows
  • X. Price Cycles of Range or High/Low
  • Calculated on Range (Week, Day, Hour)
  • Retracement of 50%
  • Gann: 1/8th, 1/3rd
  • Fibonacci: 38.2, 61.8
B. Pattern Recognition
I. Divergence Patterns
  • Bullish
  • Bearish
II. Reversal Patterns
  • Positive Reversals
  • Negative Reversals
III. Hidden Signal for Intermediate Trend Change
  • Bullish Divergence
  • Bearish Divergence
IV. Overbought / Oversold
  • Up Trends – Intermediate to Long Term Support
  • Intermediate to Long Term Positive Reversals
  • Intermediate to Long Term Top Bottom Positive Reversals
  • V. Oversold / Overbought
  • Down Trends – Intermediate to Long Term Resistance
  • Intermediate to Long Term Negative Reversals
  • Intermediate to Long Term Bottom Top Negative Reversals
C. Price Targeting with Positive and Negative Reversals
I. Naked Signals
II. Enhanced Signals
D. Trend Analysis and Trend Change Checklist
I. Up Trends Down Trends
II. Down Trends


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