Austin Netzley & Scott Oldford – Recession PROOF

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Austin Netzley & Scott Oldford – Recession PROOF

For Online Entrepreneurs who are ready to futurePROOF their business and not just survive, but thrive in this new economic transition.

The way you do business and the way you do everything, just changed.

Here’s the truth…

  1. The economy is only partially effected due to a health threat: The economy has been shaky for the past few years, however, due to the media, government and federal incentives it hasn’t felt or appeared this way.
  2. What this means for you, is that our economy has changed, nearly overnight and has woken up to the reality and the truth. Even if there wasn’t a major pandemic world-wise, this economic transition would still occur.
  3. What you must do in the following weeks and months are critical and nearly every single Entrepreneur is going to have to change: From the way you operate your marketing, growth systems, manage your cash and credit, your teams and your mindset. It is all going to be essential to you being able to utilize this as an opportunity and not the downfall of your business.
  4. You have to act quickly in order to adapt to the marketplace: This isn’t the time to assess things for weeks, it’s time to know your plan, have alignment with it and make the changes needed in a strategic and calm manner. No matter if you’re prepared for this or not, you can use this as a time to create great stability for the future: The truth is, this online market is going to have massive expansion over the coming months and years, further, people are looking for help, from Entrepreneurs like you.

I didn’t expect this to happen when it did.

However, the time is now and Entrepreneurs like you and me are the one’s that will allow for the historic transition of not just the economy, but the consciousness of our society.


I wish I didn’t have to offer a “recession proof” program. What’s happening in our economy right now, is something that no one wants to have happen.

I resisted even building something like this. However, after having thousands of emails and direct messages asking me, “What do I do”?

I called someone I’ve known for years, Austin Netzley from Scale 2X.

He’s an Entrepreneur that has also helped generate hundreds of millions of dollars through his client’s businesses and we decided to bring together THE program you need in order to succeed and thrive through this time.

Together, we got to work, with all of us doing 12 hour days, so that you can tap into what we’re telling our private clients, along with those we mentor, invest and advise.

Giving you the strategy, the mindset, the tools, the tactics and the frameworks for your online business during this time. Allowing you to do what you need to do more than anything right now… protecting your business.


We’ve come together to create this 6-week, intensive experience for online Entrepreneurs who…

  • You have an online business that has momentum and you want to ensure you keep that momentum, no matter what’s happening in the economy.
  • You want to know where to invest your time, money and resources to create a lasting level of impact for your business both now and in the future.
  • You want to ensure that you can weather the storm and create income security from what you’ve developed as a business.
  • You want to deploy the strategies, tactics and frameworks that will create return right now and in the future.
  • You want to know how to implement effective marketing and sales that will get customers to buy from you, no matter what.
  • You want to know how to handle your mindset, your finances, operations, team effectively.
  • You want a community of other Entrepreneurs along with leadership from some of the top Entrepreneurs in the world, mentoring you along the path.

You want to future proof your business and ensure that nothing, including a recession will stop you from sharing your knowledge, expertise, talent and savvy with your customers.

Inside of this time for your business, I believe you need a few specific things…

  1. A really good, customized, specific game plan for the next 90 days for your business: Having clarity is one of the most important parts of being able to hit your goals and being able to scale your business. Further, having THE plan based on what you REALLY want and your unfair advantages is critical to success (and fulfillment).
  2. The right business model and product: One of the most important things for being able to scale is not to scale something that isn’t scalable, so many Entrepreneurs scale a loss, or something that isn’t really going to serve them or their customers- being clear, gives you more customers and more ease in your life.
  3. A marketing and sales system: I’m certain you’ve heard it before, but I’m going to give you actionable steps. If you don’t have a way to turn strangers into those who follow you and want to do business with you, you’re in trouble. Further, if there’s only one source of being able to turn strangers into customers, you’ve also got a problem. And… if you can’t turn those “warm” people who love you and want to buy from you, automatically, you’re going to have a massive cash flow problem.
  4. The ability to be relevant and omnipresent: If you know anything about my frameworks and methods, you’ll know that it’s EXTREMELY important for people to see you as being RELEVANT to their problems, their life and to the solution of those problems. Further, the power of Omnipresence, allows you to generate FAR less leads and create far more profit for every new person who “stumbles” across you. Without this, you’re missing out on a lot of revenue and you’re going to have a hard time scaling in the marketing ecosystem of 2020.
  5. Mindset: Even after I give Entrepreneurs all the strategy and the tactics, why do some not obtain success and others do? Quite simply: Without the right mindsets inside of your business, you’re ability to succeed is extremely difficult.
  6. Community: Connection is one of the most important parts of our human experience, I’ve found that when someone has the enrichment of a community of like-minded people who are all attempting to do the similar thing, magic happens. Entrepreneurship can be lonely and when you feel like it’s just “you”, things can be much more difficult.
  7. The Right Choices at the Right Time: In my experience Entrepreneur’s success or failure is based on the accumulation of their decision making. The more good choices, the further they get towards what they might call success.
  8. Quick Wins based on Proven Business Strategies and Tactics: I’m talking knowing exactly what to do, the campaigns, having the swipes, understanding the processes that make the most sense for right now.
  9. Understanding the 4 major systems of a recessionProofed business: Growth Systems, Leadership Mindset, Cash + Finances and Operations.

The biggest thing I’ve seen? Entrepreneurs typically know what they should do, but not the right order, or when the perfect timing is.

Right now is not the time to “guess” your way up the mountain… it’s time to have proven mentors and guides to help you.

We’ve created a 6-week program for all Online Entrepreneurs to help them… and here’s just some of what you’re going to get inside…

  • The ability to use our plug and play marketing campaigns that help you engage your current customers, turn your audience into customers, get more phone calls and use social selling…
  • How to generate more revenue from your current customers…
  • Invent the more irresistible offers and messaging during this time…
  • Dozens of step by step methods to bring more cash into your business right now…
  • How to use social media marketing in the most effective ways, including Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Groups…
  • How to use Email Marketing Campaigns to re-engage your customers and ensure they end up on the phone and your sale page…
  • Step by step deployment of extremely cost effective campaigns no matter the size of your audience to create massive return on your investment..
  • How to reposition your brand, your offers and your messaging for what makes the most sense right now…
  • How to deploy growth systems around marketing and sales that overnight can easily help you generate the cash you need.
  • How to use the cash you currently have in the bank, how to use credit available to you, what to spend money on and what to not spend money on.
  • How to manage your team, let your team go, talk to your team and everything you need to manage your team during this time.
  • Strategies and tactics to tackle your pricing, payments plans and how to structure your products, programs and services.
  • How to use intimacy to increase the number of people who pay you and increase the speed.
  • The startup value chain model, giving you the templates, swipes and information needed to help you give new offers during this time to generate a massive amount of new revenue.
  • How to use paid advertising during this time, how to generate a massive new audience and how to ensure that paid advertising works for you during this time (if you want to use it).
  • How to use organic traffic during this time and activate viral sharing of your marketing, your funnels and who you are.
  • How to use partnerships, podcasts and affiliates, one of the biggest ways to generate a massive level of new audience, attention and leads during this time. We even include all the swipes and process on how to do this and make it happen quickly.
  • Sales scripts that you can use on the phone, on text, messenger or email to turn leads, old leads or even new leads into customers.
  • The battle-proven productivity structures that are needed for you and your team right now and how to implement it for a massive optimization increase.
  • Deep dives into every element of your mindset, no matter what that mindset is.

Truly, I could keep going and going…

But the truth is…

We’ve put together everything you need, created a method for you to implement it and are giving you the “all-in-one” recessionPROOF program.

And this just isn’t content…

We’re giving you all the intimacy needed to ensure you have clarity on YOUR plan…



After filling out the Business Acceleration Intake Questionnaire, you will have a strategy call with one of Scale 2X’s 7-figure business coaches.

They are going to review where you are and exactly what you need to do in the next 90 days, this is going to allow you to know exactly what your strategy is moving forward with complete clarity and NO guess work.


Ensuring that you have exactly what you need, on top of the training we’re providing inside of the recessionPROOF program, we’re going to be hosting live trainings to cover everything you need, A-Z.

3 Q&S’s PER WEEK $2,997 Value

On top of the training and the support inside of the Facebook Group, we’re also going to be giving you access to 3 separate Q&A sessions every single week, this is going to help you ensure you make the right choices, right now in your business.


You will get access to the recessionPROOF digital program that covers what you need to do based on the 4 pillars of successful business during an economic transition. This is going to give you EVERYTHING you need to know to recessionPROOF.


You will get access to our Facebook group allowing you to connect with other Entrepreneurs and having the latest of what’s happening, what’s working and the ability to get advisory, quickly.


While this program is based on helping you get short-term wins and cashflow, we’re also including The R.O.I. Method course; THE program for online marketing and sales, so that as you build your business in the future, you can do it from a stable understand of marketing and sales. Starting in May 2020, you will get an 6 months of support, included for free, specific to The R.O.I. Method Strategy. Want to see more on this?


On top of this to aid your mindset, we’re also giving you access to my mindset program that I created with fellow Entrepreneur (and my Wife), Libby Crow. Giving you 365 videos/audios on mindset, each that you will receive daily.

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