Authentic Man Program – Power of Presence (Video + Audio + Pdf version)

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Authentic Man Program – Power of Presence (Video + Audio + Pdf version)

See, a lot of guys think that the key to creating attraction and connection with women is to have the right wardrobe, body language, funny lines, techniques and routines. (Outer Game) Fact is, women have super-sensitive built-in B.S. detectors, and even just a quick glance from across the room is enough for most women to see right through any rehearsed posture, clever line or a flashy outfit and instantly “feel” if a man is solid on the inside. (Inner Game) That’s why having solid “Inner Game” is so important. And that’s what we do at AMP: we create profound, radical, internal shifts in how you relate to women, the world, and yourself, from the inside out. (Plus, once you’ve got a handle on your Inner Game, anything else you’ve already studied is simply icing on the cake.)

This experiential, interactive 3-DVD set covers THE FIRST and most important piece of solid Inner Game: Presence.

It’s PACKED with the no-B.S., concrete, real-world training material from our sellout $1200+ AMP weekend courses. The insights and breakthroughs you’ll receive from this can directly impact your interactions with women, IMMEDIATELY.

Here’s How Experiencing This Ground-Breaking Seminar Can Profoundly Alter Your Ability To Powerfully Connect With All Women, From The Inside Out:

Learn how YOU can turn women into a giddy, giggling mess that has you enjoying each other more and more. Learn the practice that will have women stop their conversations and turn to welcome you as you approach, without you saying a word. Guys are consistently blown away by this method. Learn why men who do specific physical practices are better able to approach radiant, gorgeous women. (We’ll show you these practices, so you can do the same)Ever had a difficult time getting a second date with a woman you really liked? Chances are you didn’t take THIS aspect of her experience into account. Discover what has women eager to see you again.

How to “gift” a woman with such a depth of Presence, even for a moment, that will have the most “short attention span party girls” remembering you for the rest of the night.

A way to authentically handle “screwing up” that actually has her feel MORE trust, connection and attraction for you. Learn the subtle shift of attention that allows you to experience yourself through her eyes. (This is absolutely key for having natural, flowing interactions with women)Identify emotional blocks that are screwing over your interactions with women, and learn how to resolve them without years of therapy. (You’ll quickly learn how being ‘authentic’ is as “alpha” as it gets).If you’ve ever been LJBF’d (Let’s Just Be Friends), chances are you’ve been holding back. Learn a way to access your masculine power that will keep you out of the “just friends” category.

How to sharpen your Presence in a way that has women veering out of their way to bump into our AMP grads to get their attention. (No funny hats or flashy belt buckles required!)Learn how to focus your Presence into a compelling inner force that has women feeling exhilarated and alive, just by being around you. When sharpened, your dates will feel like you’re already making love…Learn how to be with women during sex that will have them want to give you EVERYTHING. (Sex will never be the same again)Learn how when you “polarize” your masculine energy women are naturally drawn to you. See how a participant demo follows our coaching and leaves a woman so ‘drawn in’ that she’s actually at a loss for words… and loving it.

Avoid the biggest Inner Game mistake men make when first meeting a woman that instantly kills attraction, draining your vitality, and hers.

Learn to enjoy being Present, for its own sake, having nothing to do with women and watch the benefits ripple out into all the areas and relationships of your life.

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