Baret Yoshida – Submission Grappling (3DVD Set, 160 min)

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Baret Yoshida – Submission Grappling (3DVD Set, 160 min)

How did Baret Yoshida become one of the world’s greatest submission wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and No Holds Barred fighters?

Watch these DVDs and you will see the wide array of techniques used by Baret as he demonstrates them with great precision and detail.

Baret teaches you how to take your triangle, armbar, choke and other techniques to the highest level. Learn his set- ups, and how to finish your submission before the opponent counters.

This amazing series will take your game to a higher level. You will not just move differently, you will think differently, setting traps and creating openings to apply your finish. Baret shows each set-up or technique and explains each move.

See Baret apply his game in live sparring, along with clips of Baret in competition.

Watch these DVDs, then use the info to make your opponent tap like never before!

DVD 1: Guard Submission Set Ups

-Armlock from guard

-Closed guard triangle

-Armlock follow ups

-Knees in chest attacks

-Inside hook stack defense

-Twisty legs

-Guillotine to triangle

-2 on 1 attacks

DVD 2: Set Ups From Top

-Triangle finish

-Scissor finish

-Armlock finish

-Triangle to armlock to triangle

-Mount submissions




-Keylock to armlock

-Keylock to kimura to armlock

-Submissions cross side

-Side to armlock

-Armlock or triangle

-Kneemount to kimura

-Knee to far armlock

-Side to far armlock

-Side to triangle

-Side to triangle 2

DVD 3: Attacking During the Pass

-Over the shoulder armlock

-Over shoulder to armlock



-Armlocks from turtle

-Turtle armlocks 1

-Turtle armlocks 2

-Inside hook, twisty legs

-Magic by Baret

-Inside hook, guillotine, triangle

-Inside hook, opponent backs out

-Heel hook

-Single leg

-Heel hook, sweep

-To Triangle

-To hook leg sweep

-More magic

-Over leg pass counters


-Kimura to leg over triangle

-Kimura to kneebar

-Kimura to leg through triangle

-Kimura to armlock

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