Billy Willson – 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency

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Billy Willson – 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency

I Know Where You’re At Right Now…

  • In High School
  • In College
  • Dropped Out of College
  • In a 9-5 Job
  • Just Can’t Find Success

That’s Why I Made This Course

  • I WAS All of Those Things.
  • My Story
  • I THOUGHT I Knew What I Was Doing
  • I Didn’t Realize There Was Another Road
  • This Course is My Replacement for College
  • This Course Will Save You MONTHS or Even YEARS of Mistakes

Why Join This Course?

  • You Want to Work From Home, Make Your Own Decisions
  • You Want Freedom

What is This Course About?

  • How to Build a 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency From SCRATCH
  • Zero Money Down
  • Getting Business to Pay You $1,000 – $10,000 per MONTH to Bring the New Clients via Facebook Ads

What’s Included?

  • Lifetime Access to OVER 50 Videos & 6 Hours of STEP-BY-STEP Video Guidance on How to Start and/or Scale Your 6 Figure Facebook Ads Agency from SCRATCH
  • Lifetime Access to my Private Mastermind Group with Weekly LIVE Q&A’s ($1997 Value)
  • How to Find & CLOSE $1,500 per Month Clients with ZERO Sales Experience ($594 Value)
  • My Exclusive Blueprint to Generate Clients Results in the LEAST Amount of Time ($594 Value)
  • How to Create Profitable Facebook and Instagram Ads so Your Clients Stay for LIFE ($594 Value)
  • Every App, Resource, and Secret you NEED to Know to Run a 6 Figure Agency ($594 Value)
  • Sales Scripts, Email Scripts, Contracts, Ad Templates, Funnel Templates & More ($594 Value)

Who is This Course For?

  • Results-Driven Motivated Individuals

While everything is laid out in great detail for you, you still must be willing to put in the time and effort into making yourself a success.

  • Beginner

You are going to be guided along this entire process while looking over the shoulder of someone doing it right in front of you. We cover everything from getting your 1st paying client, to running Facebook and Instagram ads for them.

  • Experienced

This Course is ALSO designed for the experienced Social Media Marketers looking to SCALE up their business using tactics you won’t find anywhere else on the internet.

Class Curriculum


Before You Start


Why Clients Will Pay You So Much

What We Do For Clients

Why We Use Facebook Ads

Value Ladder

How to Run Effective Facebook Ads for Your Clients

Create a Facebook Page & Business Manager

Business Manager Walkthrough

Facebook Ads Manager Walkthrough

Facebook Pixel (Introduction & Installation)

Facebook Campaign Objectives

Creating Facebook Ads

Creating Instagram Ads

Creating Custom Audiences

Creating the Perfect Offer

Become an Expert Facebook Ads Copywriter

Optimizing Facebook Ads

Generating Leads for Your Clients Via Landing Pages

Create a Landing Page From Scratch

Lead Gen Form vs Landing Page

Landing Page vs Website

Complicated vs Basic Landing Pages

Complicated Funnels

Integrate Active Campagin w/ Click Funnels

Send Automatic Lead Notifcation Texts to Clients

3 Step Funnel Process

Optimizing Landing Pages for Mobile

Send Leads Emails with Active Campaign

Split Test Landing Pages

Prospecting Clients

Find the PERFECT Business to Work With

Easiest Ways to Get Your First Client (What Other Courses Won’t Tell You)

Methods for Prospecting

Finding Clients on Job Listing Websites

Getting Meetings With Clients

Methods for Contacting Clients

Sales Strategy

Cold Call Example Walkthrough

Get Your First Client EASY – Free Trial Script

Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Cold Calling Scripts

Cold Emailing Strategy

Objections & Responses to Memorize

Closing Clients

How to Followup

Closing The Client After a Free Trial

Free Trial Meeting Structure

How Much To Charge

Sales Recap

Setting the Right Expectations

Keeping Clients For the Long Term

Closing Words

Bonus Resources

Creating & Sending a Contract Agreement (9:19)

Creating an LLC

Online Marketing Softwares I Use for My Agency

Courses I Personally Own and Recommend

Files From The Course

Set-Up Automated Text Messaging for Your Clients

Niche Walkthroughs


Real Estate



Car Dealerships (Coming Soon)

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