Bruno Martins , Fabricio Astelo – Charisma School Collection Part 2

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Bruno Martins , Fabricio Astelo – Charisma School Collection Part 2


Charisma School Collection Part 2 ( Note these are the full courses)


10 Steps to Confidence and Inner Power (Level 1)

This is the initial course to develop your charisma and personal magnetism. It’s the first out of three courses on how to be charismatic.

You’ll exponentially improve your Confidence, Inner Power and Leadership abilities. Learn how to develop your power in interpersonal relationships.

It’s a very practical course; 95% of the exercises are missions to be done with people in your everyday life.

Personal Magnetism (Level 2)

On the 10 Steps to Self-Confidence and Inner Power course we started to develop internal aspects of ourselves, our Inner Power and Will. In this course, we’re focusing on the external aspects of Personal Magnetism.

You develop a magnetic voice, mastery of your personal space, magnetic touch, external vibrations and so on. You can change the way you walk, talk, move, touch to having a magnetic and stronger impact on others.

You can find in this course a complete body and mind training for Personal Magnetism.

Sexual Magnetism

This course is designed to transform you into a sexually magnetic person, capable of attracting and seducing any woman.

With it, you’ll learn how to appeal to a woman unconscious mind with the development and use of sexual energy.

Put aside all the patterns, routines, jokes, and start to get women naturally attracted to you.

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