Captain Jack – Get a Beautiful Girlfriend Program Modules 1, 2 & 3

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Captain Jack – Get a Beautiful Girlfriend Program Modules 1, 2 & 3

There’s not much information out there on how to TRULY get a hot, quality girlfriend… and, the little bit there is focuses entirely on the wrong thing.

They take the pure sexual route, which CAN work but I always try to get to the BEST scenario using the highest probability moves at each step. (My old way was to use SxF and just suck up more and more of their time… still workable but not the absolute best route).Or, they take the purely social route. Lots of friend-zoning, orbiting and WAITING… and not very effective. It’s also prone to getting UPENDED later in the relationship by a guy who is good at lighting emotional fires and bonding… not a great setup!

But… both of those approaches really miss the point. There are guys for whom getting (and keeping) a beautiful woman are not a problem.

They’re not better than you. They’re not smarter than you. They’re not “higher value” than you. From a young age (and quite by accident), they just adopted a certain viewpoint that helps them think in an entirely different way. Because they SEE things differently they act and react in ways that PULL the women to them… naturally, almost automatically. I’ve used “The Theory of Constraints” and Systems Thinking and pure Observation to understand it. The basis isn’t books on evolution, monkey’s behavior or psycho-dribble… the basis is: “Is this component creating the real world RESULT that is needed?

“I’m about to go on my own journey to getting another girlfriend. I’ll be doing it right along with YOU. If you join you’ll be right there with me in the thick of things as I execute my plan… the same plan, thinking, viewpoint, strategy and tactics I’ll be teaching you. All in real time. It’s an opportunity that people who buy this program later won’t get to witness in real time. I’ll have to cut some things out, for sure, before public release. Because of this and because I will be selling this for A LOT in the future (around $1500), I’m limiting the program to 20 guys. Just 20. (Most of my programs get 40 or more off the bat.)You can join the program by clicking this link.

Captain JackP.S. The program is self-contained meaning you don’t have to own any previous products or know anything about my previous stuff to understand it. You’ll be given everything you need.

Six weeks from now you could have an entirely new outlook, a new viewpoint AND a workable strategy with tactics to put you well on your way to having an AWESOME girlfriend. Or, you could just be another six weeks older…It’s up to you.

In my last email I talked about how I made a prospective girlfriend WAIT to get sexual and the effect it had on her…Now, a couple of guys asked me some questions in this basic vein: “Weren’t you afraid if you didn’t close the deal right then you’d lose her?” That is a bit of a risk… however, I learned that it is usually such a shock to them that it PULLS ALL their attention away from any other men in their lives and focuses on you. So, it’s a very small risk to take for the amount of benefit it creates. The hotter and/or more “in demand” they are the more true it is. Remember, every other guy is either trying to play super nice thinking eventually she’ll see what a great guy he is and then give in (barf)… or, rushing hastily to closing the deal.

In both of these cases the relationship (if there is one) starts off on the “wrong foot” and so there always remains a little seed of doubt that could grow into something bigger later on. But there you are… being unlike anything she’s ever encountered before. And that sets you up in the best possible position to

create the relationship and keep it going strong. If she wins then she not only gets YOU she gets something else and she wants it ALMOST bad as she wants you.

What’s that you ask?


That’s because if you do it right (the way I’m going to show you), you will also be desired by her friends. That specific girl’s friends would always ask me if I had any friends they could meet! The idea was that they would be somewhat like me and thus a great choice. That’s a pretty huge change from the guy who is waiting it out in the friendzone or the guy she is just settling for sexually while she waits for a guy who knows how to create this special kind of desire. One of the great things is these women are BROUGHT to you once you have set up a few of the things I show you.

In short, this is what I’d do to get an amazing girlfriend AND simultaneously create a great life… keeping everything in balance and moving forward positively. If you haven’t gathered by now I’ll just come right out and tell you I’m putting together a new course. It is going to be all about this method of getting a long-term girlfriend. It’s never been taught before except to a few direct students (who are all now either married or in long-term stable relationships). For the public, when it is finished, it will be very expensive. The reason is because it will be ALL INCLUSIVE meaning they won’t have to purchase anything else (like SxF or Game Dynamics or Power Opening, etc) unless they really want to get to the upper levels in that. But, for most guys who just want a girlfriend that is overkill.

I haven’t settled on the price but I’m sure it’ll be close to $1,500. That’s really a small price to pay when you factor in all the time, troubles and heartache. (This knowledge would’ve saved me AT LEAST $20,000 or more). You’re not going to pay $1,500 though… not even close… unless, you wait until it’s officially released to the public.

The course is going to be six modules which are a combination of audio, video and text lessons… a new module every 7-10 days. By the end of 60 days you should either have a girlfriend OR you have several serious candidates you are evaluating.

There’s going to be quite a bit of “Inner Game” work as well because the better your viewpoint in regards to women the better you’ll feel around them, the better they’ll feel around you AND you’ll make sure you do the right thing at the right time instead of responding to “false” ideas and having things blow up in your face.

Your entire life will ALSO be improved.

Here’s one more thing: I’m limiting the first round of this course to just 20 guys. Most of the courses I do start off with 40 or more. I’m limiting because I think there will be quite a few questions and I want to make sure you get them all answered.

Going more in-depth will make the whole thing more valuable to everyone. I know it seems silly to limit it to 20 but in reality it’s not… it’s going to be so cheap that I’d be foolish to sell that many. The next email will reveal more. You’ll want to make sure to open it as soon as you get it… the course IS STRICTLY limited to the first 20 who sign up. Captain JackP.S. You’ll also have to agree to two things:1) You won’t use this on married or engaged women. (I’m trying to IMPROVE these things not ruin them)and2) You

won’t share this with anyone else… there’s nothing else like this out there and the last thing I want is some other dating coach getting it and warping it and causing guys trouble.

‘Captain jack’

First 3 Students I Taught This ‘Girlfriend’ Stuff To Are Now Married

Hey… according to my nifty email program you didn’t open the email I sent a couple of days ago about getting a girlfriend.

That’s ok. You get busy, you get tons of email and all you want to do is blast through them to get that email box emptied. I totally understand. But… I wanted to take one more shot just in case you ARE interested in getting good at getting a girlfriend. And being so good at it that if you LOSE that one for some reason, you know you are good enough to get another great one in a short amount of time just by going out and having some Adventures! I’ve copied the original invitation email below but one thing I didn’t mention in that email is that when I first developed this I had three students who were also interested in it who I trained personally in what I was developing. All three of them are now married. One of them for about 3 years now. That’s what they wanted for themselves and they got it.

Pretty nifty, eh?

I suspect many others don’t care to get married but want the stability of having a girlfriend. Either way, it works. Here’s the original email with the details and the invite: Howdy… Captain Jack here…If you’ve been on my list for any time at all you know my story… got divorced, sucked at all things dating and decided I wanted to NEVER go through a dry spell again… my overall goal was: “Drop me off in any city with just enough money for food and lodging and by the end of the weekend I’ll have several women as sexual options in my life”…and, I nailed that goal.

In fact, I got to the point where I rarely needed more than ONE NIGHT to achieve it.

And… it was fun! For awhile at least… then it got to be kind of normal but the REAL result of achieving that goal shook me up a bit.

The reason?

Well, it didn’t actually give me what I REALLY wanted. That happens sometimes. You start off with one goal, achieve it and then think, “Hey, you know, this isn’t quite what I wanted. I need to re-examine this. “You see, I realized what I REALLY wanted was more like this… Get good at getting high quality women to become my girlfriend and have the assurance of knowing that, if for some reason it doesn’t work out, I can go find another one in short order.

Now, that’s a pretty tall order. But, I was able to do it. And, I learned A LOT about myself, about women and about men in the process.

What did I learn? (I can’t put it all in this email which is why I’ll tell you how to get the future emails below) But, I will share just a bit of what I learned here :F or one, that you can save yourself A LOT of time and trouble by doing a VALUES INSPECTION early on. If you do it right you’ll be able to filter out women who you really just won’t mesh with… I am STILL suffering from my first big fuck-up in this area. (My ex-wife). Had I known this I’d have saved myself YEARS and YEARS of frustration (still paying for this mistake 17 years AFTER I made it). Not to mention all the money and time lost.

Then, I did it again with one of my girlfriends. (Actually, I kinda knew it but I thought I had a method of compensating for it but that didn’t work (Plus, I got mesmerized by her booty )). But, since I was better overall in the selection process it was a smaller mistake. Now, I have it as a standard piece of my “Girlfriend Game Plan”. And, of course, I learned a lot more than that. Stuff that makes choosing the right girl a lot easier. Stuff that gets HER to choose you (and think it was her idea). Stuff that keeps the passion and “newness” of the relationship alive.(Something else that shocked me? The sex actually got BETTER with time. That was the exact opposite of what I expected.)This way of finding, attracting and getting a beautiful girlfriend is INTEGRATED with your life. Which means at the same time you are working through the process your life is getting BETTER. All areas of it.




Social life.

Interests and Activities.

When I look back on how I did things this is really how I wish I had approached things from the get go. I’d have gone through a lot less bullshit and ended up with a much better life. (I’ve since rectified this, of course, using all these ideas.) If you’re a dude who wants to get GOOD at finding, attracting and KEEPING a beautiful girlfriend and have the assurance of knowing if it doesn’t work out you can easily learn from it and get another one then all you have to do is click the purchase now

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