Carmen Santos – 101 Lines and When to Use Them

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Carmen Santos – 101 Lines and When to Use Them

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101 Lines and When to Use them is a misguided title…

For one, there are at least 358 lines. Count ‘em and weep.

More importantly, the least useful content in this course may be the lines.

The most useful content is the “When to Use Them” part.

The reason this project started was the questions so many entertainers ask right away when they talk to their peers.

“What are you using to get customers in VIP?”

“How come they always stay so long up there?”

“How many hours did you guys do?”

We have all, at some point, thought about it. It’s a healthy instinct—to wonder what you can do to improve your skills, and to wonder what other people are doing right or wrong.

Before signing up for this course, look at the next line a few times until it really sinks in:

A line is only the tip of the iceberg.

A line is only the tip of the iceberg.

A line is only the tip of the iceberg.

Even so, eventually we all want to know how it really works.What it really looks like to bring in ideas like “become unshakeable” or “get him to buy” onto the floor.To go from the theory to the practice.

That’s the mission of this course: to give you hundreds of practical skills you can use inside and outside of the club, and to show you exactly why they work, when they work, and how to make them your own. And even though it was written with content that works at every style of club and that can be modified to help any dancer his course is not for everybody.

If you want to take the easy way out, find another resource.

If you’re looking for ways to scam or steal from customers, you won’t find them here.

If you’re comfortable living life at 50%, seek that elsewhere.

This course is not theoretical.It is a manual to help you learn different skills you can take into the club.To get value out of a product like this, you will have to put these skills to work.

This approach treats stripping as a serious business,

and assumes that you’re ready to do the same.

So, what do you say?

Your Instructor

Carmen Santos

Carmen is an adult entertainer with over 7 years of experience in the strip club industry. She’s the creator of Racks to Riches- an educational company designed for adult entertainers with a focus on sales training, personal financial management, and community organization. To learn more about Racks to Riches, check out the Where you’ll find hours of free videos, articles, and interviews to help you grow your dancer business.

Course Curriculum

1: Introduction
  • 1.1 What’s Sales Got to Do With It?
  • 1.2. “Sales Training is a Waste of Time”
  • 1.3 How to Use This Course
Approaching Approaches
  • Approaches…Ready, Set…Ready, Set…Ready…Set….. (9:46)
  • 10 Ways to Improve Your Approaches
2: Approaches and When to Use Them
  • 2.1. Open Body, Open Mind
  • 2.1.2. 10 Ways to Change Your Attitude
  • 2.1.3. The Law of Attraction: Truth v. Myth
  • 2.2. The Introduction (10:38)
  • 2.3. The Direct Statement
  • 2.4. The Joke
  • 2.5. The Attention Grabber
  • 2.6. The Opencloser: Approaches
  • 2.7 The Helping Hand
  • 2.8.1 The Stage: Prototypes (ft. Yungpolemaster) (21:59)
  • 2.8.2. The Stage: Leveling Up (ft. Yungpolemaster) (27:49)
  • 2.9. Bird of Paradise (1:14)
  • 2.10. Thanks, Mgmt: Tipouts, Kickbacks, and Pay-it-Forwards (0:09)
  • 2.10.2. Working with Mgmt: Active Collaboration
  • 2.10.3. “Passive” Collaboration and “Expected Tips”
Handling Approach Objections: That’s Showbiz. Baby!
  • 10 Tips on Handling Objections
3: Objection-Solvers and When to Use Them
  • 3.1 “I’m Good/Not Interested”
  • 3.2 “I Just Got Here”
  • 3.3. “I Don’t Get Dances”
  • 3.4. “Sorry, You’re Not My Type”
  • 3.5. “Maybe Later”
  • 3.6. “Just Hang Out…I’ll Take Care of You”
  • 3.7. “We’re Here for the Bachelor/ Just Here for My Friend”
  • 3.8. *Ignores You*
  • 3.9. “What’s Your Real Name?”/ “What’s Your Real Job?”/”What Does Your Family Think?”
  • 3.10. “You’re Talking to the Wrong Guy”
Building Rapport: Where You Make the Most
  • The Way Most Conversations Go….
  • 10 Ways to Improve your Rapport
4: Rapport Builders and When to Use Them
  • 4.1. The Right Questions
  • 4.2. Mirrors (Non-Verbal)
  • 4.3. Mirror (Verbal)
  • 4.4. Shhhhhh………
  • 4.5. Follow Along
  • 4.6 Small Talk
  • 4.7 Let’s Play a Game
  • 4.8 The Flirt
  • 4.9. The Steamroll
  • 4.10. The Factfinder
Mastering the Close: Time to Get Paid
  • Put. That Coffee. Down. Coffee is for Closers.
  • Ten Ways to Improve Your Closes
5: Closes and When to Use Them
  • 5.1. The Outta-Nowhere
  • 5.2. Would You Look at the Time…
  • 5.2.2. Get Some Perspective- a note on Privilege and Sex Work
  • 5.3. The Next Level
  • 5.4. No Wrong Answers
  • 5.5. The Tour
  • 5.6. Back of the Napkin
  • 5.7. Peer Pressure (Closing Groups)
  • 5.8. The “Freebie”/Testdrive
  • 5.9. The Opencloser
  • 5.10. …go to VIP? I am VIP.
6: Handling Objections to the Close: “Yes, And?”
  • 6.1. “That’s Way too Expensive!”
  • 6.2 The Overnegotiator
  • 6.3. The Procrastinator
  • 6.4. The Timewaster
  • 6.5. “What Happens in the BaAAck!?”
  • 6.6. “I Don’t Go to VIP”
  • 6.7. “You’re Scamming Me!”
  • 6.8. “I Don’t Have to Pay for It”
  • 6.9. “I Respect You Too Much”
  • 6.10. “Why Don’t You Come Back to My Hotel Room?”
Interlewd: After the Sale
  • Congratulations!
  • Club’s Going Up! Earning More at Every Step
7: Stack it Up: Getting Them to Buy More
  • 7.1. Stack it Up
  • 7.2. Stacking Dances
  • 7.3. Stacking Upwards
  • 7.4. Stacking on Stage
  • 7.5. Stacking Hours
8: Tips on Tips
  • 8.1. Every Tip Counts!!
  • 8.2. …..Because
  • 8.3. The Percentage
  • 8.4. Along the Way
  • 8.5. The Big ‘Un
9: Follow Through!
  • 9.1. What Follow-up is and Why It Matters
  • 9.2. Get the Number!
  • 9.3. OnlyFans/ SnapChat
10: When the Lights Come On
  • 10.1: Putting it Together

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