Chase Dimond – 7-Figure Email Playbook

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Chase Dimond – 7-Figure Email Playbook

“PLUG-IN-PLAY Our 7-Figure ECOM Email Sequences We Used To Generate Over $75Mil+ In Sales Inside Of Our Clients Brands…”

Introducing The 7-Figure Email Playbook For DTC, online ecom brands, drop shippers, and agency owners.

It’s time we exposed how we’ve turned a FREE traffic source into 20%-30% of our client’s revenue using these core email sequences…

New online money is filling our market faster than ever in 2021

And more than ever, running an E-commerce business is one of the smartest moves.

But just because the ocean is blue doesn’t mean the coming WAVE won’t destroy the products, brands, and legacies many of you have created!
As more and more competition enters the space…
  • Advertising Cost Are Skyrocketing
  • Traffic Sources Are Changing Due To Regulations
  • And Brand’s Are Left To FIGHT To Break Even

This leaves online brand owners with 2-choices.

#1: Continue to fight rising costs, traffic restrictions, and constant market changes every week.


#2: Build a core backend foundation, tried-and-true for decades, guaranteed to generate new revenue without spending any additional money on ads.
The second option is possible for you to take hold of TODAY thanks to our core automated email sequences…

Before we move on…

Let me introduce who I am.

Hi, I’m Chase Dimond

Founder of Boundless Labs.
In my 10+ years of online marketing, email has been the lifeblood of my client’s success along with my thousands of students.
This bias opinion comes from the $75 Million+ I’ve helped my clients generate collectively through these core email sequences.
I don’t say this to brag but to show you this is what my agency practices day after day for our own clients.
Not only have these frameworks helped out clients and students, but it has opened the door for me to consult multiple email marketing platforms you all use.

Now You Have The Limited Time Opportunity To

Take Advantage Of My Ecom Email Playbook…

And get direct access to the identical sequences we use so you can plug and play what works and automate your email marketing with simplicity.

This is NOT a get-rich-quick-off email strategy… It will require you to take what I teach you and plug it in. But I can guarantee that the money you invest in this will seem incomparable to the results you’ll see when you do.
Without a doubt, EVERY ecom brand NEEDS these
7-Figure Emails in their business!

This May Sound Painfully Familiar.

  • You’ve become your own ‘in-house’ marketer, and email marketing has become something you’ve pushed off to the side due to its seeming complexity.
  • Maybe you tried to hire an ‘agency’ to handle your email marketing just to be hit by a $5,000 retainer with results even worse than when you did it yourself.
  • Or maybe you’ve completely thrown away the idea of even incorporating it into your brand because you think ’email marketing is DEAD.’
Trust Me…

I Understand.

These Are Problems We’ve All Suffered

That’s why I’ve put together a way for you to:

• Plug-In-Play our automated core email sequences.
• Take your marketing into your own hands without complexity
• Build systems that will turn expensive acquisition into a profitable pipeline

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