Chris Thomas – Kyusho-jitsu KenJyuKai: Isshin-Ryu MASTER CLASS

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Chris Thomas – Kyusho-jitsu KenJyuKai: Isshin-Ryu MASTER CLASS

Do not leak. I riped these from my discs and for the Karatekas here- not elsewhere! You know the rules by now…Reality check- Watching this will not make you a great fighter. Hell, it won’t make you even a fighter. It makes you some dude who sat on his ass and DLed this and then sat on his ass and watched it.

Doing what is shown on these DVDs (for Karatekas) in sparing tho will help you kick more ass in an amazing way. No joke!

Best Kata Bunkai ever! These DVDs are by far the best Isshinryu Karate Bunkai I have ever seen. These DVDs cover all eight empty hand Kata (performed the way Master Tatso Shimabuku intended) and their Bunkai focusing on pressure point techniques and (for lack of a better word) secret and/or hidden techniques. The DVDs are truly amazing – you get approx 3.5 hours of expert instruction! The katas now finally make perfect sense to me. I have been studying Isshinryu Karate for over 25 years and hold a 7th degree black belt myself. These are the real deal, not Master Uezu and Sensei Jennings’ “bock them to death” applications. Master Thomas performs all of the Katas twice then performs a very thorough and detailed break down with multiple explanations for each technique. These DVDs are a must for anyone studying Isshinryu Karate or any style from Okinawa for that matter. The DVDs are very high quality and professionally produced. You will not be disappointed.

I agree with the review above. These DVDs are amazing. For what I paid, well, I’ve paid alot more for stuff that was not half as insightful as these DVDs are.

This is Karate. Okinawa has more in its ways closer to China then Japan. Chinese styles are all (at highest form) about energy hits (nerve, air, blood, chi). This is what its about here. Hardcore and useful!

The Bunkai here is unreal . I had many a “Oh, I see at last what the hell that Kata I’ve been doing is finally about” moments when I watched it and then when I did it in sparing.

There is no supreme style. You need all MA that you can get. I rec wresting and Muay Thai as well. These DVDs tho will give you alot of great dirty ticks and real useful moves and techniques to be a better striker too. Aside form IRL training I had, this disc is the only place I found that shows how to rip an ear from your opponent’s head correctly and how to use that to control him. You’ll learn (among so much else) how the human nervous system evolved to use your muscles to push and to throw- and how this will let you actually use a punch in the correct way. I agree 100% with his teaching (which to do when hitting) based on my own IRL training and fights. Your striking will improve alot form that.

To the credit of how much info is here (knife and gun defense stuff too- but meh on that kind of, tho the principles he shows are dead on for getting the effect) the Sanchin he demos gave me the key I was missing all along from it. Now I kick the asses of my GRAPPLING partners when we spar in less then 2 seconds flat. (Striking would be even faster still) When we locked and grabbed I’d own then and drop them (using my different techniques, which you still need) by this Sanchin “trick” and it got them each time. Then I showed them and they use it too now (so its more fair). LOL! You can steal their power tho… WOW! That is a useful move to know. These discs have a wealth of knowledge on fighting- useful in many set ups. This are adaptable and flexible teachings (for any body size and such) and he (Chris Thomas) talks a bit about other MA stuff that ties in with this as well.

YOU WILL NOT BE INVINCIBLE!! Don’t be retarded! You will be better tho.I do not just watch this stuff- I hit the dojo, I spar and I go to the gym. If you do too and apply this stuff you’ll see the benefit.

If you can get 1-2 things from a DVD set that makes it gold. I got 7 tricks I use now from this set- a must see for Karatekas! All can DL now.

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