CyberTrading University – Master Stock Course

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CyberTrading University – Master Stock Course

Product Description

Students of the market rarely receive the opportunity to learn from an accomplished, professional trader during market hours. This is unfortunate, as observing first-hand what you’ve been taught facilitates the process of deeply understanding and implementing the lessons you’ve learned.

In this class, Fausto Pugliese allows you to watch him in action during the trading day, sharing his live trading screens and narrating his thoughts as he navigates in and out of the market. It’s as if you’re in the driver’s seat with Fausto beside you, giving you direction and advice. As a bonus, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn from other top CTU traders.

You’ll witness “market maker traps” in real-time, and see the tricks market makers employ to conceal their agenda and fool the public. Fausto uses these moments to continue to demonstrate more ways of “springing the trap,” and uncovering these hidden dangers before the market maker snares you.

During this two-day event, Fausto elaborates on many of the topics that you must understand to maximize your trading or investing success, including:

  • After-market and pre-market trading
  • Assessing price levels
  • Avoiding overtrading
  • Best times to trade
  • Consolidating stocks
  • Dealing with ECNs
  • Deciding on a trading direction
  • Deciphering buzz words and common trader terminology
  • Determining a stock’s elasticity
  • Learning about stock groups and how they trade together
  • Making the best bid and ask
  • Maximizing gains and minimizing losses
  • Momentum trading
  • News trading
  • Pegging orders
  • Reading chart patterns
  • Reading tickers
  • Scalping
  • Trading gaps
  • Understanding the effect of an index’s direction on its stocks
  • Using leading and lagging Indicators

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