Dan Sullivan – Pure Genius: Lifetime Focusing System for Total Self-Mastery

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Dan Sullivan – Pure Genius: Lifetime Focusing System for Total Self-Mastery

Discover the path to transforming the quality of your life with Pure Genius

Start being who you really are!

That’s the challenge Dan Sullivan extends to the thousands of entrepreneurs who attend his world-renowned Strategic Coach Program. In his exclusive workshops and consulting sessions, Sullivan reveals time-tested principles that enable individuals to double, triple, even quadruple their personal incomes. More importantly, they undergo a profound transformation, focusing the skills that have brought them financial prosperity on a new found commitment to achieving success in all aspects of their lives.

In Pure Genius: Dan Sullivan’s Lifetime Focusing System for Total Self-Mastery, you too will learn how to effectively apply the proven concepts and techniques of life success that Sullivan shares with the members of his elite program.

Through every session of this compelling audio program, you’ll feel another step closer to possessing the amazing thinking abilities that will help you master the uniqueness within yourself and fuel unbelievable energy, success, and happiness.

For example, you’ll discover:

  • How to use the concept of The Lifetime Extender™ to construct a measuring stick for your life success.
  • What differentiates goals from ideals, and why one is a totally superior barometer of success.
  • How to come to grips with the gap between your performance, goals, and ideals so you can appreciate the success you achieve.
  • How to discover your Unique Ability® and put it to work for you.
  • How the concept of The Negativity Transformer™ can help you convert setbacks into positive energy.
  • How you can develop habits that will make you indispensable.
  • How to become a person who creates value for others.

No matter how many times you listen, you’ll find something new that can be immediately applied to make the professional and personal aspects of your life infinitely more satisfying. With Pure Genius as your coach, you’ll put yourself on the pathway to enjoying a future much bigger and more rewarding than your past. It’s a journey well worth taking!

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