Derek Rake – Shogun Method Black Book Volume 2

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Derek Rake – Shogun Method Black Book Volume 2

Supercharge Your Skills With The Latest Breakthroughs In The Shogun Method Knowledge Base

Shogun Method Black Book Vol 2

Shogun Method Black Book Volume 2 features never-before-released Shogun Method tactics engineered to enhance your abilities to control and dominate your relationships in the shortest time possible.

  • Module 1: Emotional Addiction Mind Games. Featuring detailed strategies for “Emotional Blackmail”, “You Owe Me” and “Gaslighting”.
  • Module 2: Yes Ladders. An old NLP technique given a fresh Shogun Method twist. Discover how to get compliance in less than 10 minutes.
  • Module 3: Pacing + Leading. The foundational principle that powers up every single Shogun Sequence that you know.
  • Module 4: Five Rapport Stage Mistakes. Avoid these five mistakes and you’ll escalate from Rapport to Attract stage quickly and easily.
  • Module 5: Advanced Value Elicitation. Use this proprietary Shogun Method technique to take a peek into her mind and know what she really wants in a man… so that you can be that man for her.

What’s Inside The Program

  • How to play Mind Games on women… and use them as “mini” IRAE sequence leading up to the Black Rose
  • “Emotional Blackmail” – why it works, how it works, and most importantly, how to make it work to strengthen your position in the relationship
  • The structure of an effective Emotional Blackmail with sample lines and routines + the five characteristics of powerful Emotional Blackmailing
  • “You Owe Me” – a simple Emotional Addiction Mind Game you can use to get what you want out of her quickly
  • Gaslighting – an age-old emotional manipulation trick enhanced and repurposed to be used as a killer Emotional Addiction tactic.
  • Four stages of Gaslighting: learn how to use this technique step-by-step similar to the IRAE Model
  • “Yes Ladder” – a classic trick used by the media to build mass acceptance and authority… you can now use it to get compliance quickly
  • The “RGA” components of effective Yes Ladders – discover how to build your Yes Ladder routine and make it bulletproof
  • Apply a new “twist” to the Yes Ladder and turn it into a devastating Boyfriend Destroyer routine!
  • “Pacing + Leading” – the framework that powers up every single Shogun Sequence… see what’s under the hood and understand why Shogun Sequences are so effective
  • How to use “Pacing Statements” to distract a woman’s conscious mind and keep her in “HOT” mode while you work on her subconscious
  • How to use “Leading Statements” to directly plant ideas into her subconscious mind
  • Plenty of examples of “Pacing Statements”, “Leading Statements”, and a powerful “Pacing + Leading” routine
  • If you can’t escalate from the Rapport stage, you’ll be stuck in the friend zone. Learn the five biggest Rapport stage mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to avoid the “Premature Escalation” problem by using a technique which you already know (from the core Shogun Method program)
  • Eliminate “Bad Subconscious Communications” and learn how to send out good vibes with a simple body language trick
  • “Value Elicitation” simplified into one, six-word question!
  • How to identify a woman’s “emotional keywords” and use them as your secret weapon to trigger her Hot Mode whenever you want
  • …and more!

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