George Hutton – Hypnotic Storytelling

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George Hutton – Hypnotic Storytelling

Hypnotic Storytelling

Easily Weave Magical Words Together That Will Have Them Begging For More

200+ Page Manual
20+ Hours of Subliminal Programming

Turn Yourself Into A Spinner of Tales And Mesmerize Huge Crowds of Eager Listeners

  • Reason For All Communication
  • Why Stories Are The Most Effective
  • Why Giving Advice Sucks
  • How To Avoid Any Scent of Advice
  • Secrets of Rich Communication
  • The Three Types of Persuasion
  • Why Storytelling Is Easiest
  • Why Storytelling is Most Effective
  • What All People Want
  • What All People Fear
  • The Universal Story
  • The Three Stages of All Stories
  • The Secret Emotional Chain
  • How To Elicit The Right Emotions
  • Why Story Content Is Irrelevant
  • Why Your Own History is Perfect
  • How To Copy The Best Storyteller of All
  • Secrets To Maintaining Rapt Attention
  • Easy Mistakes To Avoid
  • Why They’ll Never Get Bored
  • Why They’ll Always Stay Intrigued
  • How To Blur Realities
  • How To Sneak Ideas Into Their Minds
  • How To Make Your Thoughts Their Ideas
  • Secrets of Anchoring Politicians Don’t Know
  • Secret Emotional Recipes
  • Easy Metaphor Construction
  • How To Hide Metaphors in Plain Sight
  • How To Give Direct Suggestions They’ll Love
  • How To Give Them Covert Suggestions They’ll Obey
  • Secret To Irresistible Story Structure
  • Secrets Of Powerful Pausing
  • Deep Technical Story Elements
  • Full Story Example – Gain Job Confidence
  • Full Story Example – Generate Romantic Attraction
  • Full Story Example – Improving Memory
  • Full Story Example – Being More Outgoing
  • Full Story Example – Being Adventurous
  • Full Story Example – Thinking Independently

Charismatic Performer

Unleash your inner performer and tell stories like a pro. Learn how to use your gestures, facial expressions and tonality to their fullest extent to deliver a powerful set of stories filled with a wide variety of wonderful emotions.

  • Become Outgoing
  • Magnify Magnetism
  • Use Gestures Effectively
  • Use Facial Expressions Like A Pro
  • Connect With Large Crowds
  • Become Irresistibly Mesmerizing
  • Deep Love Of Speaking
  • Feel Natural On Center Stage
  • Feel Deep Desire From Others

Creative Stories

Learn to take the simple experiences from your past and turn them into epic tales of adventure. Take a few of these stories and map them to some of the most famous fables, historical events, and metaphors that have ever been created.

  • Insane Story Creativity
  • Connect Any Idea To Any Story
  • Rich Emotional Fluency
  • Enchant With Your Characters
  • Mesmerize With Your Arcs
  • Leverage Your Library Of Experience
  • Turn Mundane Events Into Thrillers
  • Turn Normal Ideas Into Poetic Beauty
  • Share Deep Insights With Others

Emotional Openness

Learn to feel and openly express all your emotions. Feel safe and make others feel safe as you create an emotional exchange of energy that will turn any conversation on fire. Radiate the room with pure energy wherever you are.

  • Feel and Express Deep Emotions
  • Feel Comfortable Expressing All Emotions
  • Read The Deep Emotions In Others
  • Appreciate Emotional Importance
  • Emotionally Connect With Everybody
  • Elicit Wonderful Emotions in Minutes
  • Create Deep Desire
  • Elicit Unstoppable Attraction
  • Generate Breathtaking Courage

Engaged Speaker

Reach out mentally to everybody in your audience. See each of them as individuals and let them each feel that wonderful connection. Create a connection with them no matter who they are or where they’re from. Never feel separate again.

  • Connect With Everybody
  • Move Entire Audiences
  • Feel Their Emotions Movie With You
  • Allow Yourself To Open Completely
  • Connect On Profound Levels
  • Reach Hidden Feelings of Power
  • Elicit Any Action Imaginable
  • Become An Inspiring Leader
  • Easily Relate On All Levels

Massive Memory

Keep track of endless loops, names, events, dates, and make your stories and speeches come alive with accuracy. Keep track of several conversations at once. See a person you haven’t spoken to in months and pick up exactly where you left off.

  • Keep Track Of Many Threads
  • Hold Many Loops At Once
  • Easily Pace Large Audiences
  • Remember All Inflection Points
  • Naturally Collect And Remember Metaphors
  • Spin A Story For Every Occasion
  • Retell Childhood Experiences With Astounding Accuracy
  • Naturally Model From Expert Storytellers
  • Endlessly Hold Audience Spellbound

Metaphor Maker

Learn to give mundane events deep metaphorical meaning. See the rich metaphors that are in everyday conversations. Learn to use simple events as metaphors for deep and profound purposes. Make every sentence come alive with rich meaning.

  • Create Rich A Vivid Metaphors
  • Use Wonderful Anecdotes
  • Be Lyrical With Your Words
  • Use Effective Symbols
  • Inspire Deep Appreciation
  • Naturally Connect With Hidden Meaning
  • Touch Them On Simultaneous Levels
  • Unforgettable Allegories
  • Easily Leave Lasting Impressions

People Mover

Move people on deep and profound levels. Spur powerful action, release old fears, free their minds from the prison of self-deception. Implant deep desire and thirst to experience life to its fullest. Impact their lives in a way they’ll never forget.

  • Move People On Profound Levels
  • Inspire Wonderful Feelings
  • Generate Deep Desire
  • Motivate Lasting Healing
  • Stimulate Courageous Action
  • Perfect For Sales Professionals
  • Deepen Relationships
  • Induce Irresistible Attraction
  • Covertly Alter Behaviors

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