Hypnofantasy – Nikki Fatale – Confident Seduction

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Hypnofantasy – Nikki Fatale – Confident Seduction

It is a simple and perhaps unfair reality that in our society men are expected to be the ones to initiate contact with women. It is also a reality that this is not always an easy thing to do, becoming more difficult the more attractive the woman is perceived to be. Wouldn’t you love to have the confidence to approach beautiful women without even a hint of apprehension? Well, Shiri has written this script that will help to condition your mind to make it easy and natural for you approach her with confidence. After all, it really is so simple to walk up to a beautiful woman and have a simple, easy conversation with her. That is where it all starts, and you will be happy with where it leads as your sexy confidence causes her interest in you to grow. This is another great trance and a great self-help session too. No D/s or graphic erotic content.

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