Ian Ferguson (Jaiya ‘s Husband) – Pleasure Practices & Erotic Expansion

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Ian Ferguson (Jaiya ‘s Husband) – Pleasure Practices & Erotic Expansion

  • Deep Connection and Fulfilling Intimacy
  • Embodied £rotic Ecstasy
  • Playful, Connected S£xual Exploration
  • Full-Bodied, Fully Felt and Enjoyed Orgasms
  • Sexual Vitality, Health and Pleasure
  • S£xual Satisfaction For a Lifetime

How does £rotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course get you there?

A great map shows you where you’re going, what to expect along the way and how to most easily make it to your destination.

A great map is designed by people who have traveled the path, many times, before you.

And an extraordinary map makes the journey full of wonder!!!

The map we give you does all of this as it guides you, every step of the way, to the destination of ecstatic, orgasmic satisfaction.

Let me tell you exactly how we get you there…

Our process to get you to £rotic Mastery and S£xual Fulfillment gives you the pleasure practices, skills and games to:

  1. Determine your own and a lover’s Blueprint. Get the certainty of personal s£xual satisfaction and the confidence that you can please any lover, no matter their Blueprint Type.
  2. Masterfully feed the turn ons of every Blueprint, your own, when single or playing solo, and your lover’s or future lover’s.
  3. Heal the Shadows or your s£xuality. Your fears, shames and traumas (your shadow aspects) put the brakes on your pleasure, keeping you from fully realizing your orgasmic potential. End the struggle and free yourself to experience otherworldly turn on and climax
  4. Expand into the pleasures of all that is £rotically possible. You don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to arousal, turn on and orgasmic fulfillment. When you discover the turn ons for each Blueprint Type and make them your own, you have access to pleasures you didn’t even know were possible.

Become a true £rotic Master!

The £rotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course is delivered in 8 online, in-depth modules.

We have broken each module into several, short classes (5 to 15 minutes each) with fun and playful action steps.

We want to make sure you’re winning every step of the way.

Easy wins make this adventure fun and exciting, making it more likely that you’ll stay the course..

We give you delicious games, fun practices, a companion workbook and audio program and many other experiential tools to delight you along the way.

The Course is your step by step roadmap to living an orgasmic life…

Module 1: Orgasmic Orientation:
We set you up for success
Give you easy wins to accelerate your £rotic transformation

Module 2: Core £rotic Blueprint Discovery:
The Blueprint Framework is far more than just the 5 £rotic Blueprint Types. In this module you will…
Discover the 5 Sexuality Stages. Knowing what stage you’re in empowers you to give yourself exactly what you need
Uncover the 4 fundamental pathways that can enhance your s£xual health and pleasure. Become your own £rotic Detective empowered to experience optimal s£xual wellness

Module 3: Deliciously Determining Blueprints: Let the games begin…
Determine your Core Erotic Blueprint™: Discover what truly feeds and fulfills you, and opens you to orgasmic vitality
Play touch and talk games to determine your own or someone else’s Blueprint in the course of an evening!
Explore the turn on techniques for all 5 Blueprint Types

Module 4: Frequently Feeding the Blueprints:
Get the touch you crave!
Watch and Learn with our super hot Feeding the Blueprints video demonstrations. See solo and partnered practices for every Blueprint Type! HOT!
Learn to articulate your sexual needs and so you can get them fed and fulfilled
Have confidence that you can satisfy a lover like never before

Module 5: Seductively Speaking the Blueprints
Confidently speak the most arousing words inside and outside the bedroom
More than words: congruent body language, presence and vocal tone turn make you the ultimate lover
Play a special game to uncover the hottest words for your own or a lover’s arousal
Whispering, emailing or sexting the right word and phrases to make a lover hunger for you

Module 6: Holistically Healing the Blueprints:
This is one of the most transformational modules:
Healing the shadow of your Blueprint opens you to more pleasure, being able to fully feel and pleasure and open to intimate connection
Become £rotically free when you uncover the roots of your blocks and integrate them
Overcome and breakthrough physical, emotional, biochemical or energetic obstacles that hold you back
Transform your biggest obstacles into your deepest pathways for pleasure

Module 7: Expertly Expanding Your Blueprints:
Expand your £rotic range and discover erotic satisfaction you didn’t even know was possible
Increase your lover’s satisfaction by learning to play like a master in their Blueprint
Claim your ultimate orgasms, orgasmic states and superpower s£x skills
This is the path to £rotic Mastery

Module 8: Hot S£x for a Lifetime!
Discover the secrets for a life of lasting passion, ravishment, connection and satisfaction
Couples: Learn what you need to keep it hot for a lifetime
Singles: learn the pleasure pathway to have an empowered s£xual journey
Celebrate your £rotic Evolution as we complete the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough™ Course!

This program is self-paced learning, so you can go as fast or as slow as you need.

Feeding the Blueprint Videos: Watch and Learn!

Powerful visual trainings reveal turn ons for every Blueprint Type.

For Energetics and Sensuals

For Kinky Dominance and Surrender

For S£xuals and Shapeshifters

These feeding videos provide guidance for both solo self-pleasure play and for partnered play… so no one is left behind

Though there is no nudity in these videos, they generate significant heat and demonstrate a wide range of pleasure possibilities for you to try.

Dynamic and Interactive Support!

It’s not just online learning…

  • You become a member of £rotic Freedom Club, our exclusive online, sex-positive community filled with like minded, supportive seekers and many of our £rotic Blueprint Coaches™ ready to support and serve you
  • Monthly Pleasure Mastery Group Coaching Calls: These calls are your access to one-on- one coaching to bust the blocks that stand in the way of your pleasure. Our Master Level Blueprint Coaches are available to you directly during this call
  • Monthly S£x Tips Tools and Tricks group calls: This call gives you all the s£x techniques, games, strategies and pleasure practices to support your £rotic expansion exactly where you are here and now. We’ll brainstorm s£x life challenges, S£xy S£x Labs and Adventure Dates to supercharge your s£x life

There are many additional bonus trainings you get in £rotic Freedom Club when you become a member.

The course is yours for life.

You’ll always have these powerful lessons and tools at your fingertips to deepen your £rotic journey.

We have students who have been through the Course 5 times and they keep uncovering more, deeping more and expanding more!!!

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