iAwake Technologies – Digital Euphoria ~ Special Edition

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iAwake Technologies – Digital Euphoria ~ Special Edition

Space Music Soundtrack with Neural Entrainment Technology

Three audio tracks of technology powerful enough to boost your confidence, enthusiasm, and joy in just the first 20 minutes, with effects that last for hours.

I have been using the whole 70 minutes each day and since the fourth of march. I am noticing that I feel great lately and things do not bother me. I use it to go within to solve life problems I may be having each day. It is great. ~ Edward Farrel

Digital Euphoria targets flow states associated with the positive stimulation of the brain’s natural “reward” centers, making this a powerful companion for:

  • Dramatically renewing enthusiasm and engagement for unfinished tasks and projects that haven’t yet yielded hoped-for results
  • Offsetting addictive cravings (by stimulating many of the same neurotransmitters triggered by various addictions)
  • Supercharging your sense of personal power
  • Enhancing your motivation and focus before and during strenuous exercise
  • Increasing positive social behavior

I use several tracks daily, the ones selected depending on my mood. I’m listening to Digital Euphoria, track 1, as I write this. I meditate with an entrainment track in the early morning and then listen to others during the day, especially Healing Light and occasionally Heartwave. Digital Euphoria Special Edition seems to work the best for me. I am bi-polar and I have found that DE seems to cut down my impulse to buy! I had used a competitor’s entrainment tracks for a few years, but these seem to be more effective. Thank you for making this technology available. ~ Pat Land

I have been using in combination Digital Euphoria Special Edition and Audio Reiki as a daily meditation practice … playing silently all day, every day and the results are simply astounding.

One example is that I suffer from mental health problems including PTSD and severe anxiety. When I used to drive into the city I used to get so anxious, even using calming breathing techniques, that when I would get to my destination I would be so dizzy I felt like I would faint and would feel sick. After using your products I feel completely calm when driving and this has gone within perhaps 3 or 4 months of using your programs which blows me away. ~ Rebecka Garland

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