J. G. Banks – Secrets of Probate Profits

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J. G. Banks – Secrets of Probate Profits

Do you want to make
more money per deal?

Unexposed real estate is the answer.
Only Probate, if done correctly, has the characteristics to do it.

Jim Banks

The average flipped property is purchased for 20% below fair market value. The expenses of flipping run 15% in every city, county, and parish. Hence on a $200,000 property the profit is only $10,000.

Probate (Secret Real Estate) is the only way an investor can buy 30%-40%-50% below fair market value consistently.

Which means at 40% below fair market value the PROFIT on a $200,000 property is $50,000. Five times the profit on the same property

Probate exposes investors to “The Best Way to Make Money in Real Estate.”

I am the inventor, creator, and the Father of Probate.

I have been involved in Probate for over 35 years. If experience counts, which it does.

You ahve very little chance of ever meeting anybody who has more experience in Probate than I do.

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