Jack Miller – Intro & Advanced Real Estate Option Strategies Streaming Seminars

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Jack Miller – Intro & Advanced Real Estate Option Strategies Streaming Seminars

The Ultimate Money-Making Strategies for Creating Real Estate Wealth with NO Debt and NO Liability. Learn How to Make a Fortune With
“No Risk” Real Estate Options

If you have been looking for an honest, exciting way to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE and generate bigger streams of income than you ever thought possible, read on. Apply the tried and true steps these Option courses will teach you and you will see insanely positive results!

There is no better secret in real estate than OPTIONS. You don’t have to buy the house you sell, you just have to control the title, and this can be done without borrowing any money. Options is a fantastic way to control tremendous leverage with no debt and no liability because you always have the option to walk away.

Get BOTH the Introductory and the Advanced Options Recorded Seminars for ONLY $297 for more than 24 hours of audio training plus the seminar manual (recording of a 5-day seminar)

Options allow you to have highly leveraged CONTROL over real estate

WITHOUT Ownership
WITHOUT Liability.

Now more than ever there are owners, builders, lenders and investors desperate to find buyers for their properties. They are ready and willing to give you an Option.

Jack Miller’s Options Recorded Seminars will teach you exactly what you need to know and say to convince them to give you an option. You’ll learn fundamental Option concepts and the ways in which they can be applied to catapult you into profitable real estate acquisitions.

You’ll discover how to make the quantum leap from merely ”earning a living” to creating your own real estate fortune. More importantly, you’ll be able to do this with little cash and credit.

Jack shares more than 45 years of incredible “in the trenches” experience, research and application in these recorded seminars. For those willing to listen, learn and apply the principles, a world of opportunity will unfold and you will take control of your financial life on your own terms!

MISSED OPPORTUNITIES…..if you’ve been intending to learn about and begin utilizing the power of Options…NOW IS THE TIME!

What Are the Benefits of Using Options?

• Tremendous leverage with no debt, no liability and no money down!

• Without ownership, you have freedom from threats of liens, seizure, EPA penalties,
and other threats to assets.

• Control of real estate ownership benefits such as leverage, amortization, income,
appreciation, depreciation, and use without the costs and hazards of ownership

• Make money while avoiding risks normally associated with real estate investments

• Take advantage of very speculative opportunities without risking other assets

• Make more money…Increase your bank account and financial statement

• Even without a license you can take a “middle-man” position between buyers and
sellers, lessors and lessees, and borrowers and lenders to create huge profits

• Avoid the responsibilities and liabilities of management while controlling income

• Control real estate short term or long term. Create cash and cash flow now!

• Take advantage of one of a kind, advanced tax and timing strategies We’ll teach you

• And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Jack’s INTRODUCTORY Options Recorded Seminar Includes:

– Fourteen 30-minute AUDIO HOURS of Jack Miller Teaching Option Strategies
– DETAILED 187 Page Workbook Based on 45+ Years of Experience
– Check List of What To Do to Get an Option and When to Do It
– MUST HAVE Option Contracts, Forms, And Paperwork
– See Even More Details Below…

Options Allow you to have Highly Leveraged CONTROL Over Real Estate WITHOUT Ownership

But Wait… There’s More

Jack’s ADVANCED Options Recorded Seminar Includes:

– Twelve 30-minute recorded audios – Legendary Jack Miller Teaching You
– 187 Page Manual FULL of Creative Option Strategies & Techniques
– Sample Contracts & Forms Included
– SPECIAL Uses for Options In Distressed Real Estate Markets
– See Many More Details Below…

BONUS Download with 25 Option Contracts and Forms
(Offer Only Available When Courses Purchased Together)

Jack Miller’s INTRODUCTORY Option Course Outline:

Summary of Option Benefits
Outline of Applications
Control Without Ownership
Options vs. Real Estate License
Making it Big With Little Risk
Cash Flow Comparisons
Controlling Properties Without Management
Avoiding Ownership Liability
Sky-High Yields with Low Down
Tactical Approaches to Options
Rolling Options
Options – a Legal Look
Legal Theories for Drafting Options
Lease Options Insights & Case Law
Leveraging Real Estate Without Debt
Avoiding Financial Pitfalls
Studies in Options Case Law
Third Party Rights in Options
Protecting the Optionee
Rights in Title
Recording Decisions & Strategies
Protecting an Option Position
Rights and Hazards of Sub-Leases
Short-Form Purchase Options
Buyer’s Option Contract
Concepts in Drafting Options
Buying Promises with Promises
Buying Options without Any Money
“Risk Free” Option Pyramiding

The magnitude of this information will amaze you!

Jack Miller’s ADVANCED Option Course Outline:

Using Options in Distressed Markets
Holding Equity with Buy/Back Options
Option Don’t Mortgage
Divorce Settlement Options
Sample Negotiating Dialogue
Negotiating Option Contracts
Using Lease/Options to Multiply Value
Selling for Nothing Down
Using Options to Build Wealth
House for Option SWAPS
Using Abandoned Options to Sell Land
Property Tax Options
Buying Options vs. Lending Money
Syndication Concepts to Pyramid Assets
Option-for-Option Trades
Pyramiding Land Leases
Using Buy/Back Options in Land Speculation
Section 1031 Exchange Options
Contract for Option
Exchange Buy/Back Options
Equity Sharing Cavets
Builders Bailout Options
Selling in Slow Markets
Option Trade-Offs
Converting Equity in to Cash
Equity Options
Variable Interest Rate Traps
Dealer Benefits of Options
IRA Options
Corporation Option Strategies
Using a “PUT” Option
Holding Equity with Buy/Back Options
Using Creativity to Make Better Deals
Converting Options to Cash/Lifestyle
Optioning Real Estate “Paper”
Hedging Options with Bonds
Option Variations
Using Options with IRC 121
Options with Land Development
Tax Aspects of Options

A Little Bit About the Legendary Jack Miller, Your Teacher and Guide:

With 45+ years of experience, Jack Miller was the first person to ever write a book and teach others how to use Options to buy houses. He is a legend in the industry. For many years, Jack refused to teach Options in the Tampa area because he wanted to keep his discovery quiet.

Learning about Options is the key to unlimited opportunities to grow your wealth and free up your time to enjoy your life as you wish.

Jack Miller’s most famous real estate seminar was always his Options seminar. He often shared that he made more money with Options than any other real estate technique or strategy. With just as high of a success rate among his students, the Options seminars were always Sold Out!

Just five years after starting his real estate career at the age of 45, Jack was able to retire on his rental income stream generated by using Options. With a new found freedom, he began to travel, write books and present seminars. Options gave Jack the financial security to be able to pursue his muse as a writer and educator.

Now, for the first time ever Jack Miller’s Options seminar is available as a recorded seminar. It’s jam packed with dynamite techniques, sample Options and actual case studies that simply are not available from any other source.

Options Were The “Break Through” For Jack And They Could Be For You Too!

DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY…These recorded seminars will provide you with the concepts, strategies, and techniques to build your fortune.

NOW IS THE TIME! You deserve to live an amazing, flexible life without having to constantly worry about where your next paycheck is coming from. Jack Miller can teach YOU how to do that!

The fortunes of tomorrow will be built on the skills of those who learn how to utilize Options to create fantastic opportunities and profit. These recorded seminars will provide you with the concepts, strategies, and techniques to do just that. Make the decision today to learn how to supercharge your results in your quest for financial success.

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