Kacper Staniul – Scrapbook Bundle Ecommerce and SaaS

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Kacper Staniul – Scrapbook Bundle Ecommerce and SaaS

180+ tactics used by the highest converting, fastest growing stores on the Internet

Creating a high-performing store is not rocket science. Steal these proven tactics and accelerate your growth.

What’s inside?

180+ easily filterable tactic ideas to grow your ecommerce store

Optimize the whole funnel

From homepage to checkout, get new tactic ideas and improve the underperforming steps of your funnel.

Real-world examples

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Test tactics used by best-in-class ecommerce stores to create high-converting machines.

More traffic, higher conversion

Inside you’ll find: ad tactics, ideas on how to optimize your pricing, increase the perceived value of your product, decrease cart and checkout abandonment, psychological tactics, referral tactics, ideas on how to increase average order value, personalization tactics… and much more.
Need a second pair of eyes?

Get up to speed with a highly actionable teardown of your store and a prioritized list of action items.

Learn why your store doesn’t convert and how you can fix it.

Hey, I’m Kacper.

Scrapbook is my personal collection of tactics collected during the last couple of years working in growth and analyzing what the fastest growing startups do right.

I hope it will help you fill your experiment backlog for months to come.

– Kacper Staniul, Growth Marketer and Maker of Scrapbook

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