Manuel Chirinos – The Closer’s Program 2022

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Manuel Chirinos – The Closer’s Program 2022

What Will You Learn

In the Closer’s Program you’ll learn how to take your closing skills to the next level. I have invested so much time and energy to deliver the best program you will find out there in the REI industry when it comes to acquisition and closing deals. I have put my 5 years of sales experience and over $3M in wholesale deals closed, all in one place so you can start closing deals right now.

• How to understand sales
• How to qualify a prospect
• How to submit a cash offer
• How to pitch Sub2 deals
• How to pitch Owner Finance deals

Manny Cash

“whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid.” Proverbs 12:1

My name is Manuel Chirinos, I go by Manny Cash. For those that don’t know me yet, I was born and raised in Venezuela, At the age of 17, I came to the land of opportunity, America, by myself! No friends, no family, NO MONEY. I literally had to start from -0, learn how to speak English, and most importantly, adapt to the culture. Fast forward 8 years later, I am a Real Estate Entrepreneur that works side by side my 2 mentors, Michael llanas (Mr. Hustle), and Charles Hernandez (Uncle Charles.) Together with the two of them, I’ve been able to take my REI skills to the next level. I have personally closed hundreds of real estate transactions including land, single family, mulifamily, and wholetail deals. By improving your sales and communication skills, I will teach you how to do the same and completely change your life.

Class Curriculum

Module #1 Intro

• The Closer’s program INTRO
• What is a wholesale deal?
• What is a Subject 2 deal?
• What is Owner Finance?

Module #2

• Cold Calling vs Acquisition
• Tonality
• Building Rapport
• 100 NO’s Mentality
• Understanding Sales
• Mindset
• Skill Required to be great at sales
• Overcoming objection
• Call Flow Part 1

Module #3

• Call Flow Part 2
• How to use and get deals of SMS Marketing
• How to call a lead back
• How to make a cash offer Part 1
• How to make a cash offer part 2
• Owner Finance Pitch / Role Play
• Owner Finance Class part 1
• Owner Finance Class part 2
• Owner Finance Class part 3
• How to set appointments

Module #4

• Setting virtual appointment
• create urgency / need to talk to attorney
• Seller within our price range
• The money is made on the follow up
• KIP’s
• Price reduction
• Negotiation part 1
• Negotiation part 2

Module #5

• Script
• Script part 2
• Real Estate Contract
• Real Estate Contract part 2

Module #6

• Marking virtual offers
• How to run ARVs / Comps #Propelio
• How to run ARVs / Comps #Propstream
• Subject 2 Check list
• Subject 2 Pitch part 1
• Subject 2 Pitch part 2

Module #7

• ARV Bonus
• Cold Call Role Play
• Negotiation Role Play Part 1
• Negotiation Role Play Part 2
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