Michael Hall – Mind Lines

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Michael Hall – Mind Lines

Description: Mind-Lines continues to be the best seller of all Neuro-Semantic books. Now in its fifth edition, Mind-Lines demonstrates the practical use of the Meta-Model and Meta-State format for conversationally reframing so that you can transform meaning for quality communication and persuasion.

This playful book will enable you to recognize and use neuro-linguistic magic. The Mind-Lines model presents the linguistic patterns using the “logical” level system. L. Michael Hall rigorously reworked the old “Sleight of Mouth” patterns using the idea of levels and reflexivity from the Meta-States model to create an easy to remember model for reframing meaning. Using the psycho-logical levels, Mind-Lines sorts out “the structure of meaning and magic” to bring order and understanding to using the magic of language for influence, persuasion, in selling, negotiating, etc.

Learn how to language the magic of transformation that comes from meta-stating meaning itself. Discover how Meta-States show up linguistically as Mind-Lines. In this book, you will discover the magic of conversational reframing so that your very talk will become increasingly more persuasive.
Discover how to—

  • Directionalize consciousness and send it in 7 different directions.
  • Use 7 framing structures and 26 Mind-Line patterns to transform the meaning of excuses and complaints.
  • Playfully run NLP magic in marvelous ways for fun and profit.
  • Experience the magic of language to powerfully effect human experiences.
  • Become a neuro-linguistic magician as you use word magic.
  • Work effective with “the magic box” of meaning with everyone you meet.
  • Use the Meta-Model distinctions to de-mystify experience, de-hypnotize old spells, and create new levels of precision and specificity in your communications.
  • Use language hypnotically by outframing as you create powerful frames of meaning for yourself and others.

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