Monique Gallagher – Fast Money 101

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Monique Gallagher – Fast Money 101

Do you doubt your ability to manifest what you need?
Have you lost your luck and want it back?
Are you having a hard time getting important things done?
Are you working harder but not making enough?

If you’re struggling to achieve your goals, I have news for you…

Whatever your situation may be, the fact is, mental analysis alone will not help you achieve your goals. That is until you RESOLVE what beliefs prevented you in the past.

That is exactly what this program does….

With little or no knowledge of the e-book “How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast,” you can achieve your intentions and begin to permanently solve life’s problems!

You are about to discover a method that reveals the invisible parts of your mind (blockers) that are distorting your success. Imagine what would be possible for you when you are able to reframe sabotaging blockers to be empowerments to your current wishes, desires, and objectives?

How this course came to be. It was born out of my own personal frustration. About 6 years ago, I felt like a failure. I wasn’t achieving my objectives, let alone completing my day to day intentions. One day I was drawn to re-read “How to Get Lots of Money for Anything Fast”. As I was reading it, I was struck by the simplicity and power of the Basic Achiever Objective Process so I decided to try it. Imagine my joyful surprise when after only two days my intention began to manifest. And in the process of setting the objective I effortlessly cleared a few blockers (distorted beliefs) all at the same time.
How it Works

You will train yourself to detect signs of inner contradictions as you set your Basic Achiever Objective. This means you will frame anything that is blocking your intentions from being manifested. You will uncover the limiting beliefs that sabotage your goals. By creating harmony between your conscious desires and your unconscious “manifesting will” you accomplish your Goals with effortless ease. You will succeed at whatever you put your mind to.

To give you a sense of how simple and easy the Basic Achiever process is, I will share how it worked for me. After putting on some “stress” weight I wanted to get back to my ideal healthy weight. I tried to shed the weight the normal way by cutting calories, increasing exercise and with great frustration, I continued weight gain. Within two days of setting a Basic Achiever Objective my weight started to normalize. My clothing was fitting better. This weight reduction without me restricting my diet or increasing exercise. In fact, after the conventional weight loss methods didn’t work I resumed eating sweets and having a glass of wine with dinner. I wasn’t even exercising during the Basic Achieve Objective and still I shed weight.

This goes against everything we have learned around dieting, right?
This is the “magic” part of this program.

When you learn how to “HEAR” the contradictory messages your unconscious holds about making money, or having a loving relationship, or getting to a healthy weight or some other objective you can change it. Once you know a blocker exists AND learn how to clear it, you will be on your way to accomplishing your objectives in any area of your life.

Remember, before I set the Basic Achiever Objective – no matter what CHOICES I was making CONSCIOUSLY; cutting out sweets, stopping wine and forcing myself to exercise, the weight kept piling on.

Shedding weight, increasing income, harmonious relations are accomplished when there is cooperation between your conscious and unconscious.

Learning the basics of how to communicate with your unconscious is powerful work and allows you to focus on enjoying your life while your unconscious mind focuses on achieving your professional and personal objectives.

With this Program, you Will:

Learn how to set and achieve realistic objectives!
Reframe your past so it doesn’t block your future.
Discover how to use the simple tool of memorization to overcome self-doubt.
Permanently resolve self-defeating habits so future intentions unfold more easily.
Uncover your highest priority objectives, which may not be what you think are most important to work on.
Eliminate negative emotions that have sabotaged your energy and well-being.

This program is for people who want to take charge of your own destiny and be free of unsuccessful efforts.

In what ways would you like to change your life?

This program is literally driven by what you put into it.

You can achieve your Goals.

You will achieve your Goals.

Once you have a basic understanding of the how your unconscious mind works and learn how to get it to manifest for you, you will immediately see how to get those things done that you have been putting off.

That’s what this manifesting program is all about.
If you’re still hesitating because you don’t know how effective this program is, here is a testimonial from a person who has tried it…

“I have worked with Cybernetic Transposition process since 2005 and really didn’t have a lot of understanding or much success with it. I started the online course and within 2 days of starting this program, I got a $25,000 client who came forward to pay. I had this client before but a lot of obstacles came up where she wasn’t able to pay the fee for my services. So when I started with this telecourse I was able to get payment. I love the way she teaches the course she really breaks things down in the simplest terms so you understand it, you get it. What I really love is that I wake up every day looking forward to doing the work versus before I would get sleepy, watch tv, get on the phone, delay it, procrastinate. Now I look forward to doing it. So, it has been pretty cool, I really like this. If you want to manifest big things, big things, I strongly urge you to work with Aryana. I am a manifestor and she took my manifesting to another level. Get with Aryana.”
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Kimberly Jessy

Hollywood Publicist and Author

“All my life I’ve had to work hard to achieve my goals. And, even though I’ve been successful, it seemed like I put a lot of effort out for little results. It was so frustrating to see other people succeed with less effort and better results.

I wished for the longest time for life and success to come more easily.

Then I met Aryana Rollins and started working with her one-on-one learning to use this process.

I was amazed at how easy and effortless things started to happen for me. I wasn’t even trying and things started to shift. Success was finally easy.”
Rayana Starre

Entrepreneur and Internet Marketing Consultant
Want a Deeper Look Inside the Program?
Session 1: Learn How to use Desirability as the Key-way to Achievement

In the first session, you are reconnecting to your deepest desires. The kind of desirability you had as a child. You will be granting yourself permission to get what you want (this is the key to success). You then scan for big and small successes over your life and pick one to springboard to create a Basic Achiever Objective.

Processes Learned:

Focus and Energize Your Intentions Through an Anchor Point
How to Translate Messages From your Unconscious
How to Create an Inspiring and Energizing Wish List That Your Unconscious Will Help You Manifest
How to Speak in the Language Your Unconscious Understands by Creating Effective Imaginary Experiences

Session 2: Manifest Your Desires with Your Unconscious Will to Succeed

In this session, you’ll learn a way to speak directly to your unconscious, so it knows what you want to accomplish AND agrees to help you manifest it.

Topics Covered:

Clarify the Role of the Unconscious Mind and Conscious Mind to Create Greater Cooperation and Empowerment
How to Uncover Past Successes to Power What you Want Today
How to Uncover Internal Resistance Before it Stops You
How to Set a Basic Achiever Objective and Get Your Unconscious Support in Achieving it

Session 3: Make Your Target a High Priority to Your Unconscious

This session teaches you how to prioritize what you want, and hand the doing part to your unconscious mind (that is expert at getting things done, like driving a car).

Success/Failure Process – Feeback is vital when working with your unconscious. It is in this way if can draw near that which you want
Basic Achiever Monitoring Process – Daily check-in process for you to tap in and see the progress made on your objective. You will also get guidance on how to achieve your Objective and if any blockers are in the way and how to resolve them.

Session 4: Turn Inner Conflict into Momentum

In this session, you’ll learn how to heal BLOCKER sabotaging habits which have previously stopped. You will put in place new success patterns.

Learn how to ‘read’ feelings that occur in your body as important messages from your unconscious so you can take action.
Find out how to ‘rewrite’ history by giving instruction to your unconscious how you would like your future to unfold.

Session 5: Accelerate your Progress and Next Steps

In this class, we celebrate your success and teach you how to accelerate your progress.

You learn ways to be aware of and control the negative influence of blockers, so they don’t sabotage you.
You assess the ‘successfulness’ of your Basic Achiever Objective and start working on your next Objective.

How much? This is the sweetest part of it all. You choose the price you want to pay. This includes a full Satisfaction Guarantee!

“Use the program and all provided materials listen to the module recordings and do the assignments for 14 days. If you do not see the beginning of changes in your life and you do not see the value of the program you get a full refund.”
Are you Ready to Manifest your Desires?
Program is Available for Your Immediate Online Access

Right after payment you will receive an email with the URL and password to the online Learning Center. Here you will have access to the session recordings and appropriate handouts, step by step process forms, implementation exercises and summaries of the key concepts covered each session.
Don’t Let your Blockers Stop You By Talk You Out of Trying This Program
ANYONE can do this!

You don’t need a college degree.
It doesn’t require a fancy certification or specialized knowledge.
You can do this in the privacy of your own mind.

Are you Ready to Finally Get What you Want?

Go Ahead… Do it Right Now…

Enjoy your path to freedom,

Aryana Rollins

PS. Spread the blessings, refer a friend to this course and you will receive a private 30-minute Breakthrough session with Aryana. You and your friend won’t be disappointed.

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