Peter Akkies – Organize Your Life with Things 3 (2022)

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Peter Akkies – Organize Your Life with Things 3 (2022)

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Do you spend more time on urgent tasks than on important tasks?

Do you resort to pen and paper to plan your day? Have you tried using Things before, only to give up in frustration?

If so, you’re in the right place. In this video course, you’ll learn an Things workflow you can rely on.

Picture this:

  • You feel less stress because you’ve got your projects under control.
  • People see you as reliable because you don’t miss deadlines.
  • You feel proud because you’re doing the important work.
  • You know exactly what to work on next.
  • Nothing slips through the cracks.

How can you get there?

By learning a simple Things workflow you can trust. And that’s what you’ll learn in this self-paced video course.

On any given day, you have dozens of things to do…

Home tasks, work projects, being there for your friends and family, staying healthy, taking care of your finances—how do you keep track of it all?

Incoming emails rule your day. You rarely get to your most important tasks because you’re always chasing deadlines. And you feel overwhelmed.

Before you know it, you forgot to buy a birthday present for your mom, your boss is nagging you about that report that was due yesterday, and you still haven’t gotten around to filing your tax return. ??

It doesn’t have to be this way.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get your tasks from everywhere else into Things
  • Structure your tasks with Areas and Projects
  • Work with dates
  • Plan your days and weeks
  • Execute consistent weekly reviews
  • Work with tags
  • Use project templates to save time and reduce errors

Of course, you’ll learn lots of specific things too, like when you should use deadlines; how to actually reach Inbox Zero (??); and how to never forget a birthday again ( ?).

Your time is valuable

You’ll learn exactly what you need—no more and no less. I’ve designed the course to be efficient, because your time is valuable.

You could piece together information on using Things from random places all over the Internet. But how long would that take? And what is that time worth to you?

When you follow this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to organize your life and to be productive using Things. You’ll save tons on time compared to figuring things out yourself.

Think about what you could do with the extra time. You could spend it with your kids. You could spend it learning to play the guitar. Or you could, you know, spend the time doing the actual work you want to do!

After you follow the course, you’ll:

  • be able to focus,
  • feel in control
  • know what to work on next,
  • save time and reduce errors,
  • and have a system, so nothing slips through the cracks.

That’s what learning a workflow you can trust will do for you.

10 modules, 53 lessons

Go at your own pace. Take your time or work through all modules in one sitting. Refer back to the course any time.

Getting your tasks into Things

  • Creating areas for your responsibilities
  • The many ways to add tasks to Things
  • Processing your email with Things

Navigating Things

  • Things keyboard shortcuts
  • Using Quick Find (and some hidden, handy views)
  • Using multiple Things windows

Structuring with projects

  • What is a project?
  • Organizing within projects
  • Sorting your tasks into projects

Working with dates

  • How dates work in Things
  • Repeating to-dos and projects
  • When and how to use deadlines

Planning your days and weeks

  • Planning today
  • Planning ahead
  • Calendar event or Things task?

The weekly review

  • The nine steps to a weekly review
  • Weekly review cheat sheet
  • Scheduling your weekly review

Sorting tasks with tags

  • What tags are for
  • How to use tags in Things
  • Some tags to start with

Saving time with project templates

  • Why project templates will save you time
  • Example templates
  • How to create your own templates

Example use cases

  • Finding calm on a stressful day
  • Keeping track of groceries
  • Processing to-dos after a meeting

Pro Tips

  • What to do instead of tracking goals in Things
  • Building better habits with Things
  • Reference material and Things

BONUS: Translating Your Goals into Action (42-minute video)

The premium edition of the course comes with a 42-minute video on translating your goals into action. In this video, you’ll learn:

  • •How to set useful and clear goals
  • How to organize your goals
  • Why it’s important to reflect on the “why” behind your goals
  • The three types of action steps to define for your goals
  • Why you shouldn’t put goals in your task manager
  • How to put your goals’ action steps in Things without getting overwhelmed

It’s a super actionable video: I’ll show you how I set goals and translate them into action and you can follow the exact same process, step by step.

Your instructor

Hi, I’m Peter Akkies.

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post on how I used my task manager. That post blew up. So I decided to teach productivity in a more structured way. Today, I’ve taught over 1,000 happy students.

I’ve been featured several times on The Sweet Setup and on the popular YouTube channel Keep Productive.

I’m also into scuba diving, Formula 1, the Philadelphia Eagles, World War II history, and veganism.

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