Peter Worden – Interpreting Time Segmented Volume

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Peter Worden – Interpreting Time Segmented Volume

In this video you will learn to interpret the meaning of price movement relative to Time Segmented Volume® (TSV). Peter Worden explains how to choose settings for the indicator that are most appropriate to your trading style and teaches you to use confirming and contradictory indicator behavior to make educated trade decisions. You’ll learn to spot major price tops and bottoms using indicator patterns that have a tendency to precede character changes in price.


  • How to incorporate Time Segmented Volume into your charting routine
  • What TSV is telling you and how to spot confirming and divergent behavior between TSV and Price
  • Which settings for TSV may be most appropriate given your trading style
  • How to identify ideal TSV patterns for both bullish and bearish trading opportunities
  • What multiple timeframe analysis does to enhance the way you trade

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