Pleasure Mechanics – Mindful Sex

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Pleasure Mechanics – Mindful Sex

Do you get easily distracted during sex?

Do you “check out” of your body just when pleasure is building?

Do you sense that more is possible, and want to make the leap to more transcendent sex?

If you can relate to any of these experiences, mindful sex is for you!

Mindful sex is an invitation into a new way to think, feel and experience sex.

The simple practices of mindful sex will transform your experience of sexuality.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn how to pay attention to your body during arousal
  • Get out of your head and into your body during sex
  • Develop the ability to heighten sensation and deepen orgasm
  • Experience the awesome power of erotic breathwork
  • Gain skills in slaying distractions, taming anxiety and releasing shame
  • Minimize the judgement that limits your sexual expression
  • Tap into the power of erotic trance
  • Experiment with mindful sex practices for both solo and partnered experiences

Mindful Sex is one of the most powerful practices you can use to transform your sex life.

There are four main areas where you will notice profound effects:

  • Mindfulness helps you reduce stress, minimize judgement and create the emotional conditions you need to enjoy a fuller, richer sex life
  • Mindful Sex practices allow you to tap into Responsive Desire, so you can be in the mood for sex more often
  • Mindful Sex deepens your experience of sensations, pleasure and orgasm
  • Mindful Sex opens a portal to erotic trance states – the “mind blowing” and “earth shaking” sex we all crave

Mindful Sex is for EVERYONE! All genders, all sexual orientations, single or partnered, kinky or vanilla – these practices have so much to offer you.

This course is different than anything else out there.

Learning basic mindfulness practice is beneficial in all areas of your life, including your sex life. There are tons of teachers, books, apps and workshops out there if you want to learn a basic mindfulness practice.

After briefly covering basic mindfulness practices and concepts, we take a deep dive into the practices of Mindful Sex – not available anywhere else.

Mindful Sex is more than simply applying the concepts of basic mindfulness into your erotic life – it is a system of practices that explore the exciting territory of aroused meditation, mindful orgasms and erotic trance.

More About The Mindful Sex Course

Guided practices include:

  • Erotic Breathwork : one of the most powerful tools for unlocking new erotic experiences!
  • Body Scan : a full body scan that doesn’t leave out your sexual anatomy
  • Aroused Body Scan : learn how to pay attention and pinpoint your sexual responses
  • Embodying Emotions
  • Distractions Inventory
  • Solo Mindful Sex (shall we call it Medibation?)
  • Partnered Practices for connecting, syncing and elevating your erotic energy together

This course explains the principles behind each tool, leads you through the step-by-step skill building process and then gives you expert guidance on incorporating these new skills into your life.

The powerful effects of mindfulness on overall wellbeing are well documented. Now, researchers are beginning to apply mindfulness to sexual issues and getting amazing results.

Guest interviews add additional perspectives, advice and recommended practices to the Mindful Sex course.

Dr. Lori Brotto has been researching the sexual benefits of mindfulness – and her results are stunning. She shares her research and results in an exclusive interview in this course.

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