RealEstateMogul – Instant Guru Basic Package

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RealEstateMogul – Instant Guru Basic Package

For the next 5 weeks — as opposed to you continuing to fumble around, faking it, and never making it — I’ll be holding your hand & walking you through the process of getting wealthy in real estate the absolute best way I know how … by having other people do all the work and send you checks. Plain & simple.

Each week we’ll be jumping online together so that I can show you how to set up your own local mentoring program AND turn the whole thing into an automated cash machine.

Week 1: Getting Your Head Right

We’ll be ASSASSINATING all the fears & doubt & insecurity that may be running through your head this very second and have probably prevented you from getting the results you’ve wanted so far.

In ONE 40-minute session with me — for maybe the first time — you’ll have clear focus & know exactly what you need to do to make money.

I’ll also introduce you to the power players of the industry — guys like me who are making millions right now. A lot of times success has nothing to do with what you know … it’s who you know & how well you know them. You’ll be dancing with the stars immediately.

Week 2: Faking It Til You Make It

  • How to write email newsletters that actually sell houses and sell YOU on a weekly basis
  • How to have 20-30 houses in your inventory at any given time by marketing other local investors’ deals (and making $$$$ each time you line up a buyer)
  • How to get hundreds real estate buyers & fans & followers flocking to you and practically begging to give you money within the next few weeks

Week 3: Becoming The Guru

  • We’ll be setting up your mentoring program so that it practically sells itself
  • I’ll tell you how much to get up-front from each student (hint: a $1,000 student is different than a $5,000 student)
  • I’ll explain how to negotiate profit splits with your students … plus exactly what you’re responsible for & what they’re responsible for

Week 4: Fulfilling & Profiting

  • How to quickly and accurately analyze your students’ leads … even if you have no idea what the heck you’re doing
  • How to have your students never call you
  • How to automate the closing process with the title company so you never have show up to a single closing ever
  • How to get the houses sold quickly and checks deposited in your account immediately
  • How to set up the contracts between you, the students, and the buyers so you are protected and paid first

Week 5: Internet & Affiliate Marketing

Everyone always wants to know how I make money online selling software & information.

For the first time, I’ll be pulling back the cover to reveal how it’s REALLY done so that you add this shockingly simple income stream to your life.

I’ll give you links to put in your emails TODAY that when people click on them … YOU MAKE MONEY!

Can you get people to open emails & click links ???

Now … each week you’ll have a few clear-cut action steps to implement, and I’ll be grading you based on whether or not you’re actually making any money. Do exactly what I tell you to do, and you’ll inevitably get straight A’s … and a smiley face at the top of your paper …

… and by the end of 5 weeks, if you follow the steps, you’ll have your first student … you’ll have a $1,000 to $5,000 check in your hand… you’ll be getting checks from them month after month as they close deals … and you’ll be working a heck of a lot less & making a lot more money than you are right this second.

Remember, your current experience level with real estate is NOT a factor. It doesn’t matter if you’ve flipped two houses, zero houses, or a thousand houses.

Just follow exactly what I say to do, and you’ll have your first check in your hands by the end of the class. It’s that simple.

Now there’s one very important detail ..I’m only opening up this class to 150 people.

There’s probably 10 times that many people watching this video this very second.This is the first & probably the only time I’ll be teaching this, so I want everyone to get the personal attention they need in order to pass the class, become an Instant Guru, and truly never worry about money again.

Once these 150 spots are filled, this video comes offline, we’re closing the doors & starting the class.

I’ll show you exactly how to enroll in just a moment. You’ll want to be ready …Now, I’ve thought long & hard about what the tuition for this class should be …

I mean … an online college class teaching you about triangles and binary compounds starts at $1,000.

How much money have binary compounds ever made you? (They made me like six dollars once actually. It’s a long story. I’ll save it for later.)

So I was going to set the tuition at $2,000 due to the instant money-making reality of what I’m going to be revealing.

Heck, you’ll make that back from your very first student within the next couple weeks!

But the reason I’m willing to teach this class is because, frankly:

… I’m already wealthy. I teach for the fun of it at this point …

…which is why tuition will NOT be $2,000.

…no, I’m about to make this a MUCH more affordable & effortless move for you.

You’ll be enrolled & going through some quick action steps in the next 3 minutes, but on top of that … for everyone who’s fortunate enough to get in and enrolls TODAY

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