Rob Hanna – Quant Edges Swing Trading Course

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Rob Hanna – Quant Edges Swing Trading Course

Quant Edges Swing Trading Course

The Quant Edges Swing Trading Course is designed for traders of all types and experience levels who are looking to better understand market behavior and identify quantified trading edges over the “Swing” time frame.

The course contains massive amounts of information, but in an easily digestible format. It is organized in a way that traders can quickly find the lessons, spreadsheets, research, and tools they want to review at any time. No advanced mathematics or programming background is needed to benefit from the course. The contents and lessons are self-paced, several live Q&A sessions were recorded and are now included in the course, and new particpants are now allocated 1 hr of one on one with Rob to handle additional questions or requests that may arise.

Some highlights of the course include:

  • Detailed quantitative looks at long-term trend indicators
  • Detailed quantitative look at many short-term indicators
  • Examination of the importance of market position when large moves occur
  • Volatility measures and the edges they suggest
  • Trading Against the Trend (Which includes the new Icarus Short strategy and the Dead Icarus Bounce trading strategy along with information on the Quantifiable Edges CBI and the Catapult system.)
  • Utilizing Market Bias Filters to enhance your trading strategies
  • Trading With The Fed (Includes new Fed QE Pullback Strategies.)
  • Putting Edges together for confirmation and the 3-Point Strategy which shows an open combination strategy.
  • Psychology and quant trading section, with Dr. Brett Steenbarger of TraderFeed.
  • Amibroker Add-on Module (purchased separately) Allows users to create spreadsheets similar to those used, or generate lists of symbols triggering many of the strategies covered.

Course material includes:

  • Over 50 short video lessons that can be watched over and over.
  • 20 Large Excel spreadsheets that provide detailed indicator analysis. Rob discusses his thoughts and takeaways from these spreadsheets during the video lessons. (The Amibroker Add-on module allows students to recreate the spreadsheets on their own, or create them in different time frames or for different markets.)
  • Quantifiable Edges Guide to Fed Days Book
  • Full rules and hypothetical results for 6 trading strategies, including 2 counter-trend strategies (1 for shorting), a Fed-Based strategy, 2 Quantifiable Edges Numbered systems, and a new index-trading swing strategy that exemplifies using combinations of edges for entry and exit triggers.
  • And more…

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