Ryan Serhant – Sell it like Serhant

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Ryan Serhant – Sell it like SerhantRyan Serhant – Sell it like Serhant

Sell It Like Serhant Is The Ultimate Guide To Getting More Clients, Making More Money, Closing More Deals, Building Your Own Team, Structuring Your Day For Success And More.


Think about two licensed real estate agents…

Both competing in the same market, trying to stand out in a sea of sales people.

While one is on track to have a sales record year…

The other is having a tough time building their pipeline.

While one is building efficient processes…

The other is wondering how others are doing it.

One’s closing more deals month after month…

The other is having doubts about their career in real estate.

Same market.

Same inventory.

Same commission splits.

What makes one a successful real estate agent while the other struggle?

What proven frameworks and strategies could be driving one’s success?

AND Here’s What You’re Getting:


With this foundation, you’ll be attracting high-quality leads organically and consistently.
  • Learn my entire blueprint for sales success, including exactly how to structure your day, my techniques for following up with every single client (even the ones you lost so you get them back!), and the simple, easy-to-learn methods from improv comedy that will help you carry any conversation.
  • Discover how to use the power of social and traditional media (including how to get featured in publications!) to become known for selling what YOU want to be known for selling.
  • Become the MASTER of follow-up. No one follows up like me. If you take away just one skill from the entire course, make it follow-up.
  • Embody the reservoir of information will set you apart in this business. Discover how to find information and use it to get more clients and close more deals.
  • Practice three 60-second exercises, including The Question Game, to build your improv muscle and be ready with a response no matter which question your lead throws at you. Also discover your sales mantra and complete the Follow-Up Challenge with me.
  • Peek into a real 24-hour period in my calendar so I can show you how my Finder-Keeper-Doer system unlocks more mileage in every single day.

PART 2: Learn the Six Serhant Secrets to closing any deal

  • Discover what’s in the box I send to every perspective client, and learn how to create your own.
  • Uncover The Wow Moment technique to help a client become more comfortable with a higher price point.
  • You will face the same objections time and again in your career: Price, location, size, condition and views. Learn to flip any objection into a positive to close deals faster.
  • The best salespeople deliver bad news in a positive way. See how I deliver news to my clients and how you can use the same techniques to manage tense situations.
  • Learn how I leverage my Push-Pull-Persist technique to get clients off the fence and close more deals.
  • FACTS TELL, STORIES SELL: Master creating compelling, memorable narratives that drive traffic and sales.

Now, put everything into practice as we walk through real sales scenarios, including my sales pitch to land the listing for a $16.5 million townhouse.

  • Learn how to control your personal income by controlling your inventory. Working with sellers is the best way to grow your real estate sales business.
  • Come with me into a real pitch for a $16.5 million townhouse and watch how I overcome objection after objection to win the listing.
  • Learn my TWO types of open houses and how I prepare for each to have maximum impact on the traffic coming through.
  • People don’t like being sold, but they love shopping with friends. You’ll see how turning strangers into friends from the first qualification meeting is your secret to getting more clients.
  • Buyers are great! They’re people who have money to spend, and they want to spend it with you. See me guide a buyer through a showing and close with clear next steps.
  • THE SERHANT WAY TO NEGOTIATE A DEAL. Learn how I use price, pressure, and persistence to close a $500,000 gap (and you can use the same strategy no matter your price point).

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