Samuel Leeds – Deal Finding Extravaganza

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Samuel Leeds – Deal Finding Extravaganza

Deal Finding Extravaganza

At the Deal Finding Extravaganza you will identify your specific strategy, find your goldmine area and become a master at finding great property deals that give you a 20% + ROI

Don’t just set back and watch take action start finding great deals, calling agents, negotiating and most importantly start booking viewings.

You will learn how to –

Identify your gold mine area so that you know exactly where you want to invest
Find deals that give you an amazing ROI
Negotiate with agents so you can secure deals below market value
Build a power team so that you have the best people around you
Never Use Your Own Money
Would you like to make a passive income from property not using any of your own money?

If your answer is yes, Never Use Your Own Money is for you!

Samuel set himself a massive task called the Financial Freedom Challenge. The objective was to build a property income of £3000 per month from scratch within 30 days, putting himself in the shoes of a young property investor with no money, no contacts and no help.

The whole experience was filmed and the documentary attracted over 1M views on Youtube in the first month alone.

Samuel achieved a passive income of £3000 per month and had £8000 in the bank after just 1 week.

After watching the Never Use Your Own Money Again online programme you will have all the knowledge to do the same.

You will learn –

How to find and secure Lease Option Agreement deals so that you can start the process of buying an investment property and start making a healthy monthly cash flow without needing to put down a large deposit.
How to legally make money using Rent to Rent so that you can make a massive income every single month without even owning any property.
How to raise finance and joint venture so that any deal that you find you can invest in without needing to use your own capital
How to become a deal seller so that any deals that you don’t want for yourself you can package and sell for £2k – £5k, some of our students are making £20K + per month from deal selling alone.

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