School Of Bots – The Instagram DM Automation Playbook

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School Of Bots – The Instagram DM Automation Playbook

Get access to proven methods using 100% Facebook-approved automation to generate more leads, convert more followers, and reduce support overwhelm on Instagram.

The Marketing “Trend” You Can’t Ignore Anymore

After 5 years of testing automated conversations on Messenger, Facebook is about to confirm what we’ve been saying everyday since then about this industry…
But let’s back up first:
When Facebook announced the ability to create chatbots on Messenger, we believed this would become a staple marketing channel.
Yet over the last 5 years, many marketers and businesses continued to speculate on it.
It’s just a trend” or “My customers aren’t on Facebook” were just a few of the excuses we’ve heard.
But while they were complaining, we were producing millions of dollars in new revenue for industry-leading clients…
And all of the stats associated with chat marketing continued to point to a fundamental shift in consumer behavior:
  • The number of people using mobile messaging apps surpassed the number using social media apps in 2014 (Business Insider)
  • Consumers ages 18-34 said they prefer messaging channels over any other communication methods (HeyWire Business)
  • 94% of customers said they are more likely to buy again from a brand if it delivered a great customer experience over a messaging channel (State of CX 2020)
The list goes on.
So why have so many marketers and businesses continued to ignore this opportunity to capitalize on shifting consumer behavior?
Regardless of the excuse, that’s all about to change.
Over the last 5 years, Facebook has paved the way for chat marketing by using Messenger as the first platform to test.
We all know that Facebook understands consumer behavior better than almost every company on the planet, and they have the data to back it up.
That’s why this next move is so important:
Facebook is launching automation for Instagram DM.
This means that Facebook tested and proved chatbot viability on Messenger, and is now expanding to their other platforms.
This is HUGE news, because it’s a clear indicator of where the industry is continuing to go.
And the fact is…
Most businesses will have to be readily available on messaging apps in the next one to three years.
Consumers are going to not only want but expect that they can message a business on any channel they want.
Think of it this way:
You know how everybody expects a business to have a phone line and a website in 2021?
And if it didn’t, you’d be pissed-off at the least and completely avoid doing business with them at the worst?
That’s where we’re headed with messaging…

This is about to change business-to-people communication – forever. For both B2B and B2C.

That’s why the launch of IG automation will force any marketer worth their salt to learn chat marketing…
Even if you don’t personally plan to offer this new skill as a service, you need to at minimum understand how it: 1) works, and 2) plays a role in a company’s marketing system.
See, Facebook has shared their plans for interoperability between Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp for a few years now:
Imagine being able to sell to your customers, provide support, and generate and qualify leads 24/7 on the 3 largest messaging channels available.
That’s exactly where Facebook is taking this industry, and this launch of IG automation confirms that chat marketing is not just “hanging around”…
And this isn’t some “shiny object” anymore…
It’s an established channel for marketers to help companies grow.

Who This Course Is Designed For

The Instagram DM Automation Playbook is for marketers, social media managers, influencers (from micro to mega), business owners, and entrepreneurs, or anyone with an audience on Instagram — and is looking to sell and support via Insta DMs.

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Our mission is to accelerate the growth of chatbot marketing and positive consumer behavior around the tech.
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