Sexual Power & Influence + Cure Nice Guy + Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms – David Shade

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Sexual Power & Influence + Cure Nice Guy + Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms – David Shade

In the audios you will witness my progress of getting better and better at it. I even recorded the coaching calls that I had with Dawson way back when he was first coaching me on how to do it. You will hear all my struggles. (It’s somewhat embarrassing, but it’s important.) You will learn from my mistakes so you won’t make them. We even recorded an entire interview with his current girlfriend! (A stunning 24 year old. And I mean smoking fucking hot stunning!) This is an audio program that is easy to use. Just listen while you’re driving or whatever. We’ll show you step by step, in detail, what to do and what to say. Everything spelled out clearly. Nothing left to chance. It’s all covered.

You will discover…

– The best websites to meet young hot women who are looking for mature men

– What to write in a brief profile that will have the girls coming to you

– How to create authentic attraction- How to be confident – not arrogant or braggy or try-hard

– Exactly what to say in your messages – just copy/paste

– How to escalate things sexually – simple and straightforward

– How to close the deal – works every time

– How to have her cumming back for more- How to explore a woman’s fantasies and bring them to life

– How being authentic will allow you to connect with women

– The correct mindset that will change your life and draw young hot women to you

This program has worked for other men just like you. Here’s an email from Ben in Pennsylvania…I got a 24-year-old blonde to drive an hour to my house. No meeting in a public place or anything. Just straight to my house! The incredible thing is that I live in a rural area and she lives in an urban area, yet she drove to me. That never happens, especially with younger women who have all kinds of guys to choose from in their local area.Then when she got to my place, within 10 minutes we were getting it on!

How would you like to have results like that?

Your online profile will be working for you gathering messages from young hot women flirting with you on the dating website. Just check your messages and decide who you’ll write back. Easy as that. And I’ll show you exactly what to say back to them. You can literally copy/paste the words. (Dawson spent 10 years perfecting the exact wording.) This draws the girls in even more.

Then I’ll show you the words to use to entice her and excite her. (We have a lot of experience in this area.) This will escalate things. And I’ll show you exactly how to close the deal. Then you and her will meet for a drink (she has to see that you are really you). Just show up, be a gentleman, all the work has already been done.

We even have an entire audio about the stuff you can talk about. But there’s nothing to memorize. We show you how to be more like YOU.After talking over a drink you simply suggest going “somewhere more private”. She will fuck you. It’s why she came! All the work had already been done by the messages

Here’s another mature man who had success. Michael in Texas wrote…”Dawson, you’re a fucking genius! I get more college chicks now after my divorce than I did when I was in college!’Did you spend your whole life working hard and now think you missed out?Are you tired of settling for old nagging hags?

Are you tired of downloading porn of young hot women while wishing you had the real thing? Well I have good news for you – you are now eligible to fuck countless young hot women who can’t wait to meet you!

Here’s an email from Robert in New Jersey: “My ex-wife totally fucked me over in the divorce. If she only knew how many sexy chicks I now fuck over and over again “And I love this email from Stuart in Arizona:”

I tell the girls to meet me at this French restaurant. I give my car to valet in front and go to the hostess and tell her about my reservation. Then a few minutes later the girl arrives in an Uber and the hostess brings us to our table. After dinner the girl and I pass the hostess and get in my car at valet, which the hostess can see. Now everytime I show up the hostess keeps watching for an Uber because she can’t wait to see the next girl I’m gonna fuck!”These young hot women are going to fuck an older man. How would you like it to be you?

What is it worth to you to hold the naked firm slender body of a sexy young woman who is looking longingly into your eyes hoping you will fuck her?

What is it worth to you to have a never-ending fountain of youth of real live young hot women?

Probably a fortune! But thanks to Dawson and me, you’re gonna get action for a sliver of that. But it’s not going to be fifty bucks. It’s no cheap-ass pdf file (that you’d have to carve out time to read). This is a complete audio program that you can listen to while you go about your busy life.This program is not for everybody. It’s $197. It’s not for guys who are broke. I am so confident that I guarantee this program will get you young hot pussy. If in 60 days you don’t fuck a young HOT woman between 18 and 24, just email me and I’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked.

This is an instant access audio program. Nothing is shipped in the mail.Just listen to the audios and you will enter an elite club of mature men who fuck young HOT women.So are you ready to start having hot sex with young nubile females?

You’re only moments away from hearing the audios and experiencing the biggest transformation of your life…

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