Sinn – Get Laid More Home Study Course

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Sinn – Get Laid More Home Study Course

In this course, Jon Sinn brings together what he considers the best “ladies men” to reveal their best secrets for getting laid. This course is designed to help you get laid more, and faster.

The six CD home study course provides an inside look into the minds of pick-up artists.

Some of the information offered:

– Handling the logistics of a situation

– “Sexalation” for sexually escalating the interaction

– Strategies and techniques to make 10-minute lays a part of your game

– Breakthroughs on sexual framing and teachings on female psychology

– How to become the guy who always attracts hot women and social connections

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

CD #1: Brad P and Sinn on 10-Minute Lays

– The #1 priority for getting 10-minute lays

– How “buying temperature” can transform your sex life

– Brad P’s process for making you a 10-minute lay master

– The real difference between “get laid experts” and those having only excuses

– Brad P’s method for finding out which women are immediately ready to get laid

– Brad P’s technique for showing mental dominance over the women you are gaming

CD #2: The Legendary Captain Jack and Sinn on Sexual Framing

– How to pick up a woman that has a boyfriend

– Captain Jack and Sinn’s formula for getting laid

– How Captain Jack gets laid like a star without attraction techniques

– What to say when you’re going for a quick lay and your woman refuses

– Captain Jack’s revelation on female sexuality that will change the way you game

– What Captain Jack is trying to accomplish when first talking to a woman to get laid

CD #3: Scotty OTM on Lifestyle Mastery

– How to live a superstar lifestyle

– No. 1 rule of social circle game

– How to get “hooked up” at the hottest clubs

– The most important club employee you need to be-friend

– What you need to do to build a social circle filled with hot women

– How to be the type of guy that women want to introduce their hot friends to

– Strategies for dating super-hot women and the difference from “regular” women

CD #4: AFC Adam Lyons And Sinn on Logistics

– Adam’s game planning technique before you go out

– The biggest logistics mistake guys make and how to avoid it

– How to organize your apartment to increase your chances of getting laid

– Sneaky methods for getting women out of the club and back to your place

– What you must do first if you want to have any chance of taking a woman home

– How to get a woman you’re gaming to dump her friends so the both of you can have sex

CD #5: Guide to “Sexalation”

– Developing unstoppable sexual confidence

– Two routines that make physical escalation easy

– Top three best techniques for creating physical arousal

– How to avoid the biggest mistake guys make when trying to get laid

– Ways to introduce the topic of sex that seems innocent and non-threatening

– What you must first do before beginning to move your conversations towards sex

CD #6: Overview of Same Night Lays

– Secrets of sexual rapport

– The unheard of way to get Same Night Lays

– Why mini-fights are your friend for Same Night Lays

– Questions to determine if a Same Night Lay is possible

– Choosing the right venue when it comes to Same Night Lays

– How to determine if a venue has good Same Night Lay potential

– The women who dislike the “one night stand” type are good Same Night Lay candidates

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