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Subliminal Club – Spartan ZP


The finest warriors of history — the Spartans — have become a modern symbol of physical excellence, profound mental fortitude and unwavering discipline. These legendary warriors trained relentlessly to achieve peak physical condition, accepting nothing less than perfection. Every Spartan man was required to maintain a high level of fitness until the age of sixty, as every able-bodied man who could fight in a war HAD to fight or face ridicule or death.

Fortunately, the comforts of modern society does not require us to take on the more questionable and seedier sides of ancient Spartan society, and let’s be real: You’re not here to wax philosophy about the pros and cons of Spartan culture.

We’ve all seen the movie “300.”

We just want to look and fight like they did and occasionally kick down a door while screaming “This. Is. SPARTA!”…

… And no one will say anything, because you’ll actually look like you can rip them apart.

At least, we hope that’s why you’re here. If you’re looking to conquer nations and take slaves… you won’t find that at Subliminal Club.

If you want to achieve peak physical perfection, improve your raw strength, and enhance your combat skills faster and easier than ever before, then you’re in the right place, looking at exactly the right title.

We have other titles designed to enhance your fitness. Emperor Fitness is one of them, but it’s a four stage program that may be too intense for some.

We also have Boxing Mastery X and Muay Thai Mastery X, but those are focused more on the combat element.

That’s why we decided to create Spartan: Apex Warrior and Fitness. We wanted to create a program that sits somewhere in the middle of all those programs, but also stacks very well with them.

A program that aims at achieving the highest levels of physical performance, fitness and physique.

Make no mistake, Spartan is NOT a title for “just beginners,” and even those running the other fitness programs can find great benefits from it.

Spartan’s focus on cross-discipline fitness is its greatest strength. By this, we’re referring to the fact that the fitness focus necessary for lifting weights is a bit different than that for a martial art, or Crossfit, etc.

Spartan, however, bridges those gaps, enhancing your performance in EVERYTHING you do fitness related, regardless of whether you’re training for a strongman competition, or signing up for a Ninja Warrior-esque show.

It covers all of the bases: from improving your raw strength output for lifting weights, enhancing day-to-day functional strength, to heightened reflexes and awareness when training martial arts AND sparring / competition, superior punches, kicks and other strikes, heightened hand-eye coordination, improved recovery time, and more.

Spartan also includes stuff for runners, bikers, etc. Cardio is a crucial component in many disciplines, and for the ancient Spartans it was necessary to have peak levels of cardio – and so shall you.

Spartan also includes light physical shifting scripting, which increases the speed of muscle growth as well as other aesthetics, but when paired with it’s counterpart geared toward JUST physical shifting — Legacy of the Spartan — that’s when this element really shines. Both titles are designed work synergistically and accelerates the results of both.

But, there is something else to mention.

Ancient Spartans were known to be incredibly proficient physically, their bodies functioning like well-oiled machines. But an integral part of this was the upbringing each Spartan was made to go through.

Fierce competition between friends, comrades and rivals as well as discipline that the modern times would call brutal encouraged a mindset of severe perseverance and sheer grit. Focus and dedication to fostering one’s physical being was carefully cultivated every moment, and many aspects of physical development were brought to excellence.

That is why Spartan: Apex Warrior is the next step of the Spartan line. Not only the physical aspects of the title, but even the mental parts have been expanded and magnified to a whole new level – while this is an upgrade, it is going to feel like a whole new subliminal, worthy of the moniker “Apex Warrior”.

Inspired by the unwavering discipline, tenacity, resourcefulness and dedication to their physical and mental cultivation, Spartan: Apex Warrior develops the qualities the ancient Spartans highly valued, which in turn is the key to achieving the very same physical excellence they had that is now considered only as “historical myth”.

Rise above the meager shackles put on you by modern ideas, embrace antiquity and achieve the mind and body of steel, the will of iron that only the very few now possess.

Order now.

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