Trading System Mastery

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Trading System Mastery

“I Hope You Enjoyed The Presentation
And Now Understand How Absolutely Critical This Is
To Your Success As A Trader.

If You’ve Got Just A Few Hours,
I’ll Show You How To Take Your Trading System,
Or ANY Trading System For That Matter,
And Make It Work Right So You Can Trade Confidently and Consistently.

This Is Simple, Straightforward And Sensible, Plus You Don’t Have to Change Systems, Brokers, Or Software To Make It Happen.”

From the desk of Brian McAboy, Wednesday 8:12 a.m.

Brian McAboy

Dear Friend,

In just a few hours time, you really CAN turn your trading around WITHOUT having to make major changes.

At the same time, any time you DO want to make changes, you’ll be able to relax and KNOW that indeed you are making a positive change.

And No, you will NOT have to go through some massive learning curve switching over to a new system, broker or software.

What we’re talking about here is simple, SENSIBLE and very straightforward.
“Brian McAboy brings a refreshing new perspective to trader development.

His background in process engineering really lets him approach things in a completely different way than most trading educators. As a result, you won’t get the same old tired material from him.

He will allow you to see your trading from a whole new angle, one which can definitely help you be a better trader.”
John Forman
Professional Market Analyst
Best-selling Author of Essentials Of Trading
Turn Your Trading Around And Put Your Frustrations Behind You – For Good!

Seriously, once you understand the real root of the problem and the process to eliminate it,
your trading frustrations will become a thing of the past – permanently.

So, what kind of frustrations are we talking about?

Going through another week where you made WAY less than you know you should have – all because you “didn’t have the discipline to stick to your system”(you’ll soon find out that this whole “discipline” thing is really a big fallacy that keeps you locked in the crappy cycle of chasing your tail)
When you do “The Trader Shuffle” of taking one step forward, then two steps back, slide to the side (trying a new tactic, strategy or system), then repeat, while never getting any closer to your goals.
Having already dumped a load of money into “trading psychology” books and courses, but still not being able to trade consistently (fading confidence in the whole endeavor)
Continued hesitation from shaken confidence
Having a trading system that is confusing or hard to execute consistently
Not being able to document your trading system
Jumping from one system to another, never really being able to rely on any one of them

These frustrations all have the same root causes – and this trader training program addresses them ALL!

You see, these problems can ALL be solved by acquiring one very SPECIFIC SKILL-SET, one which every self-directed trader MUST HAVE to be truly independent.

It is also the primary skill you need to enjoy the freedom and security that trading CAN offer you.

Key Points To Understand Before We Go Any Further

1. How can I make these kind of claims, and why should you listen to me?

How can I say that one specific skill-set can put an end to your frustrations? (especially since everyone and their brother claims to have the solution to your problems)

You are NOT not dealing with just another person “claiming” to have figured things out.

It’s about Engineering Your Desired Outcome.

You are getting help here from a Certified Quality Engineer which means that you stand to gain massively from my training and years of experience in the Quality field.

You see, Quality Assurance is about getting very clear and positive control of business processes so that the desired objectives become predictable and are the most probable result.

It involves using specific methods, processes and tools to identify the ROOT causes of problems, then to implement efficient and effective solutions to realize Optimal and Consistent Performance.

One KEY aspect of the Quality function is being able to effectively train others in a way that is easy to assimilate. Another is to focus on measurable results.

These are what you will find here.

You want your trading business to work, to work very well and to work reliably and consistently – on purpose and by design.

This is my area of expertise.

Quality has been my calling and my full-time occupation for the last 13 years, in several different industries from manufacturing to service businesses to trading.

You stand to benefit for the rest of your life from the training you’ll find here – and ONLY here – because you are about to acquire this expertise and incorporate it into YOUR trading.

2. This training is truly transformational – because you are NOT just getting another system or short cut, nor are you getting just “education”.

As you go through this training, YOU are transformed, YOU come out of it a completely different trader, because you are gaining a SKILL-SET, the process, ability, perspectives, tools and know-how to trade at a whole new level, with complete confidence like you have never known before.

There is ONE Specific Skill-Set You MUST-HAVE To Finally Trade With Confidence And Consistency, and In An Easy And Relaxed Manner

You really cannot afford to trade without this one skill-set if you truly seek success in your trading.

As an independent, self-directed trader, you have several roles to fill and therefore several skill-sets.

You are first and foremost the owner of your trading business and it is YOUR hard-earned money that’s being invested into it.

Doesn’t it only make sense then that from a business investment perspective, you simply must be able to KNOW with a reasonable confidence that what you are intending to do has a reasonable chance of succeeding?

What you are about to discover is the “How-To” do exactly that –

…the step-by-step what-to-do so that you KNOW that the odds truly are in your favor going in.

Not hoping, KNOWING.

It only follows then that your next and really most important role is that of dealing with trading systems.

Your trading system is the heart of your trading business, right?

Well, before you’d go and risk money in the markets with any given strategy or system, you must have the skill-set to MAKE SURE that it can be realistically and satisfactorily expected to meet your financial goals.

And of course, the key is knowing how to make this happen in a very calculated and business-like manner.

Being an independent trader means that you simply must have a sufficient level of mastery over your trading system.

Developing your Trading System Mastery is just good investing and good business.
Put Your Trading Frustrations Behind You For Good – In a Matter of HOURS – With The Trading System Mastery Accelerated Coaching Home-Study Program

Trading is a SKILL-BASED occupation and mastery over your trading system is the one skill-set that you truly MUST HAVE to enjoy real independence and freedom as a trader.

Mastery means having the know-how to:

Identify functional problems with a trading system, then quickly and easily address them to ensure that your system is proper, complete and highly ‘trade-able’ (Key to Success)
Remove any doubts by properly confirm your system’s TRUE potential for profit, then solidifying your execution of it (Keys to Consistency)
Adapt or Optimize your trading system in a very calculated and business-like manner (Key to Security)

Introducing the “Trading System Mastery Accelerated Coaching” Home-Study Program!

This training gives you the skill-set to take your trading to the level you desire.

The three critical skills you’ll gain through the Trading System Mastery Program include:

Trading Method Systemization You’ll have the proper perspectives, process and techniques to take your trading method and systemize it the right way so that it is very ‘trade-able’, complete and most importantly REPEATABLE for easy and consistent execution.This one is HUGE because a primary problem so many traders have is that their system is missing certain elements and / or qualities that just plain make it difficult to execute consistently and to trade it well.
Trading System Confirmation You’ll know exactly how to properly confirm the performance of your trading system, so that you have the confidence you need to stick to itWhen it comes to ‘discipline’ problems like ‘hesitation’, nothing will help you more than unshakable the confidence that comes from PROPER confirmation. When you replace your fears with that kind of confidence, sticking to your system becomes the natural response and EASY.
Trading System Optimization Whether it’s simply to make improvements or because circumstances force you to, you’ll know how to adapt quickly and confidently, always moving only forward.Nothing is worse than having things change, your system no longer working, and then not knowing what to do. In ’08 and ’09, many traders blew out their accounts and were done with trading because they were lost. Never again be nervous when the markets get turned upside down. Instead be in the minority that is thriving!

When you have mastery over your trading system, your confidence soars, your results and consistency become very easy and best of all PREDICTABLE.

No more anxiety and fear of the markets, fear of losing money, fear of being let down by your system, fear of hesitation or lack of discipline.

In the “Trading System Mastery Accelerated Coaching” Program, you gain the process, the know-how, the tools and most importantly the EXPERIENCE to truly have rock-solid confidence in your trading.

This training gets you to the KEY MILESTONE you must reach before you’ll ever enjoy what trading has to offer.
Just Like The Live Training…

Take just a moment to watch the video below…

You have made a very wise choice to look into this very unique Trader Coaching Program.


Because until you have achieved a sufficient level of mastery over your trading system, your “psychological” issues, challenges and frustrations with trading will NEVER end.

If you have any doubts about the statement above, take just a few minutes to watch the video here

After you’ve gone through this training program, you find trading becomes easy, stress-free and an entirely different experience from what you have known so far.
Get the Same Benefits As the Live Coaching, Plus SAVE a Bundle With the Home-Study Version

You are about to acquire the one skill set that gives you TRUE Freedom through trading – Trading System Mastery, where you know how to take ANY method and build a solid, working system around it, plus the ability to adapt quickly and confidently whenever the markets go through changes (as they periodically do).

Here’s what you get with the “Trading System Mastery” Home-Study Version:

Online Videos that contain ALL the same lessons, learnings and training that my coaching clients receive ($1,000 Value)
Downloadable Audios of each of the lessons – so that you can review them anywhere and any time you like to reinforce the learnings ($150 Value)
Downloadable mp4 versions of the videos, so that you can watch them on your iPad, phone or other mobile player ($250 Value)
Additional Videos, Templates and Reports to make you a complete Trading System Master ($1,000 Value)
The “Profit-Potential Calculator” so that you KNOW the true monthly Profit-Potential of every system you choose to consider! ($47 Value)
The Process, Know-How, Skills, Tools and the EXPERIENCE of Trading System Mastery. (Priceless!)
You become a completely different trader, FREE from fear, hesitation and anxiety (Priceless!)

Total REAL Value = $2,447.00
Your Transformation

You are about to become a whole new trader, trading in an easy and relaxed manner, with an entirely different focus than you’ve experienced so far.

Up until now, you’ve been on “The Quest”, searching for that one-thing-that-works and that you can rely upon.

Odds are that you have already had in your hands a profitable trading system, but perhaps you weren’t able to realize it, maybe you ‘feel’ pretty strongly that you’ve got a solid system, but you haven’t been able to settle down and trade it the way you know you should.

Up until now, you’ve had this feeling of Desperation constantly hanging over your head like a little black cloud following you around – but now it is gone and you experience…

Relief is what you feel because now you have the skill-set, the process and the know-how.
You have reached that milestone of KNOWING that you’re ‘Okay’, and you now enjoy a feeling of security.
You finally know that you can relax and settle down.
You have a certain peace of mind about you that people notice, and even comment on.
Your time and energy are now focused simply expanding your capabilities as a trader, increasing your revenues and accounts.

You become the type of trader that can, in a calculated and business-like fashion, take ANY trading strategy or method, construct a working trading system based on it, optimize it and validate it properly so that when you take it to the markets, you do so with a well-founded confidence that it suits you, that you can trade it well, and that you can have a reasonable expectation that it will meet your financial goals.

As we go through this process, you become the Trading System Master that has the skills, tools and know-how to adapt quickly and confidently when the economic climate or market mood changes, plus you will also be able to broaden your portfolio of systems to maximize your profit potential as a trader.
What This Training Has Done For Others
“Dear Brian,

Feel free to share my thoughts below with traders that are considering your products or services.

If you have ever wondered why you just cannot seem to get ahead with your trading you need to consult with Brian without delay. I had been trying to make it in the Forex market for two years now, determined that I can figure out a system, whether taken from someone who trades successfully or put together by myself. I have gathered a lot of knowledge in this time, all self-taught, as we do, with countless hours spent in front my computer researching trading techniques and indicators and watching the markets, paper trading.

The perception is out there that you can do it on your own, if you are prepared to put in the time and effort and eventually it will all fall in place for you. I realize now that, that is not the case.

Your trading will always be a roller coaster ride with emotional highs during good runs and absolute despair and frustration when the market takes it all back. Yip, I’ve been around on this nauseating roller coaster a couple of times.

I have been consulting with Brian for two weeks, now and he has shown me what your foundation for a sound trading-business (and that is the key-word, believe it or not) is and how to achieve that. I now possess the knowledge, tools and confidence to set myself up as a full-time trader and move forward in my trading-career with confidence, knowing that I can take any trading strategy, analyze it and know with surety how I can expect this system to perform, what the income potential is and see whether I will meet my goals with that particular system, or not. All of this with hard, concrete numbers. Data that every trader should know before they even contemplate trading a particular system with real money.

I cannot thank Brian enough for the confidence I now have in knowing that I will make a success of this and I will, as a result, take control of my financial future. That’s what we’re all after, isn’t it.

Yours Kindly,

Marius Grobler”
Individual Trader
Wellington, New Zealand
“Hi Brian,

I just wanted to drop you a few lines to say thanks. I have been trading for just over a year and had really been struggling with hesitancy and fear with taking trades. I was in a pattern of having a few winning trades then I would see a couple of losing trades I would then hesitate to take the next trade which then turned out to be a high profit trade, I would then get frustrated and take the next set up that presented it self which was rarely a good set up and then this would be a losing trade and so the circle of hesitation and frustration would start until I had given away all my profits and more. I would then take a break from trading and the pattern would begin again.

I had read all the trading books on the mental aspects of trading and whilst they are good books they have not helped me over this problem.

But since we had our One-on-One Coaching, I can honestly say that I have made huge leaps forward. I have seen a dramatic and measured improvement and feel much more confident, relaxed and able to pull the trigger when I need to than before. You have given me the tools that have enable to keep these emotions under control and enable to me to be consistent in my trading. Your coaching has allowed me to accept the losses as part of my trading business and to keep my trading moving in the right direction.

Before the coaching I felt that I could see the light at the end of the tunnel but just could not get there, I now feel that I am actually in the light and moving forward.

Again my sincere thanks in helping me overcome this obstacle, and I would without doubt recommend you to any trader who suffers with similar problems.

Take care

Adrian F.”
(last name withheld on this webpage, but contact info available if you’d like to talk to him directly)
Individual Trader
Portsmouth, UK


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to sincerely thank you for all your help and assistance with my trading.

Even though I have been trading for 11 years I was struggling with inconsistent returns, reoccurring mistakes and lack of true direction. But all that changed quickly after getting your assistance and putting to work some of your tools and recommendations.

I am more confident in my trades and no longer worry about the unknowns because my trading is structured like a business.

Thanks again for your help and support.”

Patrick Hennessey
Individual Trader
Rockfield, Kentucky US
“So How Much Is This Training?”

In truth, it won’t cost you anything and here is why (no messing around).

In REAL DOLLARS, the return from the transformation you’ll experience is 24 TIMES the investment.

No kidding, a real ROI of at least 2,400% and here’s where that comes from:

Brett was a typical client of mine. He had a system that he’d developed and felt pretty good about, but he hadn’t had a profitable month in years.

He’d managed to get to where he could maintain breakeven, but that was it.

He was pretty sure he had a good system, he just couldn’t seem to trade it the way he should, so he got this training.

Once we went through this training, got his system cleaned up and made proper, then tested it, he found that he really DID have a very solid system, one with a monthly profit potential of nearly $9,000.

So once he got his issues with the system resolved, he realized that his fears were now calmed down and he was MUCH more relaxed and able to simply trade his system the way he had it documented.

He also realized that even on a really BAD month, he could still expect to make $2,000 to $3,000 – because his issues with his system were a thing of the past.

When we started the training, he stated his primary goal with the training to be simply to regain his confidence.

When he began the training, he was at a “2”.

By the end of it he rated himself at a “9”.

Once you have your system solid and confirmed, and the issues with it behind you…

even with the WORST-CASE SCENARIO, even on a horrible month, it should be reasonable to expect an improvement of at least $1,000 from where you are now.

Over a year’s time, that’s a $12,000 improvement! [I even guarantee it – see below]

Now since the training is only $497 (see below), your real ROI with this training is 2,400% – MINIMUM! I know from experience that the impact this training has will bring you even greater results than this – but you wouldn’t believe me if you saw what my true expectations were (based on the results others have realized).
The Other Massive Benefit This Training Gives You

When you no longer worry or stress about your trading because the DOUBT has been replaced with a KNOWING confidence, you FEEL completely different about your trading:

You’re relaxed and comfortable

You are at peace, with stress and anxiety but a distant memory
Others notice the difference in you – and make comment to you about it because it is so significant
Instead of being nervous about your trading and wondering what to do, you are calm and worries just don’t dominate your thinking any more
What’s “normal” has changed completely – from burning the candle on both ends and taking away time from your family or personal interests, you find your life well-balanced and quite enjoyable, plus time away from trading is truly detached.

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