Mikey Musumeci – The Collar and Sleeve System Part 1: Outside Control On The Knees

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Mikey Musumeci – The Collar and Sleeve System Part 1: Outside Control On The Knees

Improve your open guard with multiple-time black belt world champion MIkey Musumeci’s collar and sleeve guard system

  • Mikey Musumeci is a multiple-time world champion and the most successful American black belt competitor ever, known for his technical wizardy and guard game
  • Learn Mikey’s way of breaking down the collar and sleeve guard system, including his favorite sweeps, submissions, grip breaking sequences, and counters from outside control
  • This is part one of Mikey’s ongoing series on his collar and sleeve guard system, breaking down everything you need to know to sweep and submit a kneeling opponent with effective outside control
  • Master the most technical scissor sweep in Brazilian jiu-jitsu with Mikey’s complete breakdown on this classic move

What Will You Learn?

Join world champion Mikey Musumeci as he teaches you how to use the collar and sleeve guard to shut down opponents trying to pass and smash your guard on their knees. On this 8-volume series, Mikey shows you all the gripping and guard positioning techniques you’ll need to turn your bottom game into a dangerous series of traps.
Mikey Musumeci is the most successful American black belt competitor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, winning multiple world championships and competing at an elite level his entire career. This is volume one of Mikey’s new collar and sleeve guard instructional series, teaching you how to fight against a kneeling opponent when you have outside control with your legs.

Mikey’s attention to detail helps make this one of the most thorough open guard instructionals you can get, as he takes you through gripping counters, guard retention tips, and strategies you can use for maximum effectiveness.
Sweep and submit off your back as Mikey shows you how to off-balance and attack people from your guard. Throw your legs up for triangles, armbars, and more, or use sweeps (including the most precise scissor sweep you’ll ever need in Brazilian jiu-jitsu).

Submission Attacks

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1

  • Introduction
  • Collar And Sleeve
  • What Is Collar And Sleeve
  • How To Place Back Leg

Part 2

  • World One Outside Control
  • Objective
  • Stepping On Hip Family One Variation One: The Easiest Triangle Set Up

Part 3

  • Variation Two Wings
  • Variation Three Pulling Ourselves In
  • Variation Four Seated Position

Part 4

  • Family Two Half Lasso
  • Combining Both Together
  • Family Two To Family One

Part 5

  • Every Possible Grip For The Person On Top
  • The Most Important Concept Of Grip Breaking
  • Exposing Submissions On The Lower Body

Part 6

  • Modified Collar And Sleeve
  • Solution To The Biggest Problem In Collar And Sleeve
  • Submission Attacks

Part 7

  • Basics Set Ups
  • Introduction
  • Scissors Sweep
  • The Most Technically Sound And Efficient Scissors Sweep Method

Part 8

  • Submission Exposure From Scissors Sweep Explained

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